I’ll Keep the USA and Y’all Can Keep the Change

Article originally published in Canada Free Press, October 12th

“This country sure as hell been goin’ down the drain

We know what we need
We know who to blame 
United Socialist States of America
How do ya like that name?
I’ll keep the USA and y’all can keep the change”
– Hank Williams Jr.  “Keep the Change”

As everybody and their cousin knows by now, Hank Williams Jr. (Bocephus) was yanked as a spokeman for “Monday Night Football” by ESPN last week, because of some comments he made earlier in the day while appearing on “Fox and Friends.”

Video, “Hank Williams Jr. Compares Obama to Hitler.- Fox & Friends – 10/3/11

He said that seeing Obama and Boehner playing golf together was like watching Hitler and Netanyahu hitting the links — meaning that the ideological gulf between the two was immense.  Oh no, no, no, you must not compare Obama to Hitler — or Stalin, or Mao, or Mussolini, or…or any of the other folks he reminds you of.  You can be sure that the media and the liberal aristocracy will get their knickers into a twist something fierce if you do.

Personally, I would have said that Obama and Boehner remind me of Hitler and Mussolini getting together, but that’s just me.  At any rate, all h–l broke loose as a result of Bocephus’s comments — as it always does when anyone hints at the truth from a public platform.

It is no secret that the owners in the NFL tend to be very liberal.  Knowing how liberal the owners are, and knowing how liberal the media is, it comes as no surprise that they would come down hard on Hank Jr.

Video uploaded 10/15/2009, “Dennis Miller on Rush-NFL controversy and Gore-bull Warming”

Nor does it come as a surprise that Bocephus is hitting back.  Hank Jr. released his song “Keep the Change” last Friday, and it does not pull any punches.  I guess I’ll change my firing-range night to Monday, seeing as I won’t be watching football that night anymore.  A country boy can survive.

Mediate: “Keep The Change: Hank Williams Jr.’s Releases Track Bashing Fox and Friends

Video, “Keep The Change by Hank Williams Jr. (Response to Fox News and ESPN )

Laus Deo.

Gulag Note:

How dare Hank Williams!

Hitler fomented The Holocaust that killed millions of innocent Jews, Poles, uncompromising Christians, and Gypsies!


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Adolf Hitler, dog lover


  1. “Change you all can believe In”. Jobs, jobs and more jobs! One problem here! They are in Finland and being financed with American taxpayers money by guess who??……..Right on! Your President!

    Barack Obama is “stabbing” the American auto workforce and the Big Three in their backs while giving huge amounts of taxpayers dollars to Al Gore’s (connected) electric car company in Finland. What a pathetic, lying parasite Barack Obama is.


    ………and now He is defending this taxpers money being given to the Finish owned car company. The UAW stays silent on this! http://weaselzippers.us/2011/10/21/obama-admin-defends-529-million-taxpayer-loan-to-company-building-electric-cars-in-finland/


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