Islam, Sex, & Atrocity: the Video Presentation by Ann Barnhardt

Caution: this presentation and the related information we present are disturbing and tragic. Gulag Bound has examined what Ms. Barnhardt purports. She and we provide links for substantiation below her videos.

Caution #2: this information must be examined, understood, and the word must be spread, for the sake of America, the free world, and of so very many trapped in the devastating, totalitarian, religiopolitical cult of Islam. Please assist us in doing just that. None of us need to accept these hideous practices, nor the ideology that perpetuates them. Those born into it do not need to remain in their despair, pain, and defilement.

Not every Muslim subculture necessarily engages in every one of these practices, nor does Ms. Barnhardt maintain they do. However, they are still rampant and apparently, like terrorism, not strongly and widely condemned. The passages of the Koran and the fatwas by Islamic leaders are what they are. The apparent regards and treatment of women, girls, and boys (and of men) are also what they are.

Presentation by Ann Barnhardt in four video segments, at original publishing, video uploaded 9/15/2011 as “Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil“”





Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron….
1st Timothy 4:1,2, NKJV

That was written by the Apostle Paul, largely, scholars find, to counter various gnostic beliefs and cults, both then and now. Gnostic cults tend to feature a dualistic scism between the natural and the spiritual and offer adherents numerous doors to their more controlling inner circles, as they are instructed to open numerous curtains leading to the spiritual, in a human imagined path to the divine. Islam is one such cult.

Some gnostic, dualistic cults push asceticism and the denial of the natural; others push the indulgence of the passions of the flesh. Many utilize each, as stick and carrot to control the religious.

When the spirit(s) behind a human’s reaching out to the supernatural are not of the revelation and integrity actually provided by the God who makes Himself knowable, the spirits reached are the ones who have refused Him.

Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who have assisted in delivering the spiritually oppressed have noted that one way to tell a demonic manifestation from another condition, such as multiple personality disorder, is that the prior tends to be obsessively interested in sex and maliciously, sadistically so.

Muslim female “circumcision”

Here are references provided Gulag Bound by Ann Barnhardt, to supplement her video:

Further references provided by Tallulah Starr:

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  1. You take everything out of context and just inflame the fire , peace is the way consideration for others cultures you are in fact as radical as the minority terrorists

  2. Excellent presentation except the ending where you cite the “homosexual left” for not speaking out. Problem is left does not speak out against any religion except Christianity because it is their “own”.

    But overall you nailed it. 80% of the problem is Islam’ branding as a religion which westerners know so little about and/or are afraid to criticize lest they look intolerant. And this branding has been the primary reason that societies in Asia and Europe have fallen victim to which led them to allow the camel in the tent (pun intended).

    But America has the benefit of learning from the historical behavior of Islam in Asia and Europe and observe patterns that emerge only after generations or centuries that would be likely dismissed as conspiracy theories if theorized without proof.

    But there is plenty of proof by now. Immunize yourself against Islam before it is too late…

  3. I frequently pull out the picture of the iranian imam mouth kissing the little boy. What an evil evil cult all around.

  4. Good for her, it’s time to remove them from all Christern countries. We cannot live in peace with a cult that wants to kill us. I would deport the lot.

  5. Ann, you are my new hero. Thanks for having the guts to speak out.

  6. The Bravest, Most Brutally Honest Woman I have ever heard telling the World exactly the Evil that
    confronts America. God Bless You Ann.

  7. God bless you Ann for telling it like it is. If only Christians will listen and do something about it instead of just being comfort in their seat

  8. You do know that Christians and Jews mutilated the genitals of their children too don’t you?

    Circumcison is genital mutilation. Gender is irrelevant.

  9. I m shocked how much hatred you have that you are preventing Texas and everything out of context. How can you compare some religion which have nothing to do with Islam as Islam? There is no single chapter where it says genital mutilation is permitted in fact it’s not permitted. There is a chapter in Quran which is dedicated to women and its Valle (Nissa) which is a translation of woman in Arabic. You need to read that. Secondly that idiot who is kissing a boy is a Shia 12 imami which are out of Islamic religion they are not Muslim at all. They do mutaa and other silly practices like having sex with any girl for short period and its like a short contract marriage in some cases with minor ages girls. They are cult and should be destroyed, please don’t put them in the same basket as Muslim. They have their own made up religion. For Muslims they are non Muslims. Please check your facts an then open your mouth. Get the survey and see why so many people in Europe convertin to Islam. Which is now the fastest growing religion in the world and there are more women becoming Muslims than man. Stop being ignorant and learn the true teachings of Islam

    • Arlen Williams says

      SB, you cite only some issues and do it rather hazily, then say those particular practices are done by an aberrant faction of Islam (when there is widespread abuse) then seek to discredit this entire presentation as ignorant, when Ms. Barnhardt and we cite fact after instance and describe how Islam supports the various evils.

      Do you expect to be taken seriously?

      Note: Islamist teachers have taught for generations that where there are conflicting elements of the Koran (and there are many) that the later version is to supplant the former. Generally, the later treatments are the most evil ones. Even pederast and violent extortionist, Mohamed lamented his most evil prophecies.

    • Sie konvertieren so häufig, weil sie von den christlichen Kirchen verlassen wurden. Diese Kirchen haben ihren eigenen Glauben schon vor langer Zeit verraten und können keinem Suchenden mehr irgendeine Orientierung geben, weil sie verweltlicht / säkularisiert sind. Ihre eigenen Priester, Pastoren, Pfarrer sind Ungläubige. Jeder Suchende merkt daher sehr schnell, daß er es mit Heuchlern zu tun hat, schließt von der Person auf das Christentum generell und wendet sich angewidert ab. Der Suchende will keine Führer, die Wasser predigen und Wein saufen.
      Anders gesagt: Die Schwäche der christlichen Kirchen ist die Stärke des Islam, der nicht zu Europa gehört.

    • i agree with u brother. public is innocent they just accept what they r give . but its also their duty to find the truth.

  10. there r some people who r saying we r muslims but by practice they r not. our non muslim brothers should look frm authentic islamic teachings that whts right. They r educated people they can read n find the truth.

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