The Road to Rio is America’s Road to Ruin

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This article is cross-posted from Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government website.

By Laura Rambeau Lee

The globalists at the United Nations are busy preparing their agenda for the Rio + 20 Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which will be held on June 4 – 6, 2012.  They have prepared a draft entitled “Enabling a Flourishing Earth: Challenges for the Green Economy, Opportunities for Global Governance.”  It is truly amazing that this is not being devised in Dr. Evil’s hidden lair in the depths of some inactive volcano or on a deserted island.  This has been made available for everyone to read.  It reveals the true intent; the hopes, dreams and aspirations for this new world order that they have been working on for twenty plus years.  The entire document can be viewed here.

In the document, they make reference to the Earth Charter, which is purported to be “an ethical framework for a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.”

They understand that their “green” initiative has not progressed as quickly as they had hoped it would. Cap and trade schemes that involve redistribution of wealth from developed countries to developing countries based on a market price on carbon dioxide emissions have not generated sufficient revenue.  A new or additional economic or market solution should be implemented, because humankind has transgressed against nature.  Humans have been treating nature as a commodity.  The “loss of biodiversity, desertification, climate change and the disruption of a number of natural cycles are among the costs of our disregard for nature and the integrity of its ecosystems and life-supporting processes.  As recent scientific work suggests, a number of planetary boundaries are being transgressed and others risk being so in a business-as-usual world,” according to the U.N. Secretary General’s report to the U.N. on Harmony with Nature.

Their proposal is to create a new world organization, naming it the World Environmental Organisation (WEO) which will have a global legitimacy and mandate to have jurisdiction over what are considered the “common goods,” defined as “fresh water, healthy soil and clean air, but also the oceans, the atmosphere and diversity of life,” since it would be difficult to implement or trade on these “common goods” that are not privately owned or traded on markets.

This document states “Our proposed WEO should be mandated with a trusteeship function over global public goals and common goods.”  Much like a legal guardian is appointed in the case of a person who is unable to represent him/herself, such as an infant, insane or senile person, they are proposing such a legal guardian to represent and give “legal voice for the otherwise voiceless environment”.

For the WEO to have global legitimacy it will have to be widely democratic, representative and participatory by all members of the United Nations.

They intend to focus on the participation of the estimated 1.9 billion youths of the world, and their access to various forms of media, to implement these goals for the management and equitable distribution of these “common goods.”  The education of our children is being advanced by the International Baccalaureate Programmes, with the stated goal of creating good global citizens, as explained in a previous article Is the International Baccalaureate Programme Co-opting Your Child?

To fund this fair and equitable distribution of wealth they are proposing a “Global Commons Trust Fund” that would impose a tax or levy on any person or entity that uses a “global common”. Finally, to raise additional revenue, they also propose a global tax on financial transactions.  Below is a video of Richard Trumka speaking to the European Socialist Party last year about his support of a “Robin Hood” tax.

The United Nations is intent on utilizing social, environmental and economic justice to exact taxes or levies on the water we drink, the air that we breathe and the rivers, lakes, streams, seas and oceans in which we fish or upon which we navigate.  In the context of this current draft from the United Nations, it might be interesting to re-read a previous article on Executive Order 13547.  This is all fitting together quite too neatly.

We must impress upon our representatives, elected or appointed, to withdraw from the United Nations immediately.  Americans must wake up to this imminent threat to our freedom and security, in fact to our very existence.  If we go down, the world will soon follow.  I fear this is the true intent of the Rio + 20 Conference.

The road to Rio is America’s road to ruin!


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