Ramifications: Indiana’s 2008 Governor Disclaims Signature on Obama Nominating Petition

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The effort to achieve due process and justice regarding Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility or lack thereof appears to be lighting a fire and fires produce both light and heat, as the political proverb goes.

It has been nearly tragic for numerous “conservatives” to ignore or even diss and repudiate this highly relevant effort and the determined heroes of our republic who have been engaged in it.  Just what parts of our constitutional self governance do those scoffers wish to “conserve?”

(I wouldn’t want to name names, would I? Beck, Coulter, Horowitz, Malkin, Medved, and on it could go in alphabetic order.)

Do we need to remind them that obfuscation and disregard of the U.S. Constitution is the practice of the “progressives” they earn their tidy incomes rebuking?

America’s  entire set of electoral processes must be scrutinized in detail, from the nomination of candidates through the securing of true and auditable election results, from true electors. (And beyond that, I for one would suggest checks against, or if feasible a replacement of our two-party system from top to bottom, and comparing present methods with run-off policies of elections, for example.)

The variance between the counted votes and the consistent poll results preceding Nevada’s and California’s 2010 U.S. Senate and other elections, were two more alarms which should have been heard nationwide.

Here is another now, from Indiana, as reported by FoxNews.com.

Ex-Indiana Democratic Governor: Not My Signature on Obama Petition

Published October 12, 2011
Associated Press

Former Indiana Democratic Gov. Joe Kernan is just one of dozens of people who say they didn’t sign petitions for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton to appear on the state’s 2008 primary ballot and yet their names were approved by the county registration office.

Kernan told the South Bend Tribune that neither the print version of his name nor the signature that appear on the suspect document are anything like his own.

“Not at all,” Kernan, owner of the South Bend Silver Hawks minor league baseball team.

Both Indiana’s Republican chairman, Eric Holcumb and their Democratic chairman, Dan Parker, have come out for a thorough investigation.

“With candidates for office currently collecting signatures before the 2012 election cycle deadline, it is imperative we get to the bottom of this so it does not happen again,” Holcomb said in a statement.”

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The problem: how does a nation get politicians to reform, when they are nearly all beholden to two corrupt political parties steeped in corrupt influences and systemically ill methodologies?

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