Occupy L.A. Speaker: Violence will be Necessary to Achieve Our Goals


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Here’s a transcript, starting at 32 seconds into the video:

Occupy L.A. Speaker: “One of the speakers said the solution is nonviolent movement. No, my friend. I’ll give you two examples: French Revolution, and Indian so-called Revolution.

Gandhi, Gandhi today is, with respect to all of you, Gandhi today is a tumor that the ruling class is using constantly to mislead us. French Revolution made fundamental transformation. But it was bloody.

India, the result of Gandhi, is 600 million people living in maximum poverty.

So, ultimately, the bourgeoisie won’t go without violent means. Revolution! Yes, revolution that is led by the working class.

Long live revolution! Long live socialism!”

Crowd: [Cheers.]

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  1. Think the media will report it?
    Or will they replay Pelosi’s alligator-teary little spiel about being afraid of violence from those who oppose neo-Marxist healthcare control?

  2. A threat of real violence, and the ignorant twit would wee his panties. Thanks to free-market reforms, today’s Indian middle class is larger than the population of the US. The French Revolution, on the other hand, led first to the terror, then to Napoleon and many years of total war. I will link to this from my Old Jarhead blog.

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