No, Victor Davis Hanson, There Is No Santa Claus

When one wakes up in his recliner to a dancing Will o’ the Wisp light and the sweet scent of Willy Wonka’s chocolate emanating from one’s in-box — over a pit of quick sand — one becomes alarmed and annoyed.

Sweetness and light are magically predicted for America by the simple solution of Barack Obama vacating the White House in 2013! Face palm! Why didn’t I think of that!

And here I thought Obama was getting many more Americans to do some research and learn about the war against America being waged from the darkest quarters of the central banker, globalist, Marxofascist complex.

Apparently not Victor Davis Hanson, whose recent commentary is flying around the Internetosphere like Santa’s e-sleigh.  In the New York Post, it is called: “Why the American Spirit will Revive” and in its original publication at Pajamas Media, its title is: “The Coming Post-Obama Renaissance.” Oh say can’t you hear the dulcimer?

How could he be wrong? His name sounds like an entire law firm, after all. He must know. Go ahead and read it. Do you find “What is Wrong with the Picture?” The NYP version is less annoying because it is edited down a bit; take that one.

I’ll get back to you in a few hours or maybe Monday, about why Rosie Scenario is not dancing over D.C. and why over the river from Wall Street rose pedals are won’t be flying out the Statue of Liberty’s backside quite yet. For now, I’m going back to sleep.

Okay, if you want some balloon bursting hints, take a look at, “A Brief Note on the End of America as We have Known it” and/or, “The Failed State Strategy for Progressive America” from a few months prior — and toss a little, “How Many Reports of Immanent Economic Collapse Would We Like to Have?” into the mix.

But, I’ll update this post with a closing thought or two in… a while… and bump it back to the top of the Gulag log.

Good… night…. 


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