Russians Cheer on the American Revolution

New Zeal

Kremlin propaganda channel Russia Today gleefully reports “Occupation”  protests in New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles.

Why is the agent of a hostile foreign power allowed to encourage revolutionary activity in America?


  1. Yes, Russian propaganda will promote this. Then go speak to the PEOPLE who lived under communism. I have 8 of those poor people’s babies in my house. Those families were starving to death when we were there adopting. They were terrified of their government. Go watch the people washing their clothing BY HAND still today. Try to buy a dryer…we went to every city trying to buy one and it wasn’t even possible! These idiots who say they oppose capitalism need to go live in North Korea or China…THEN come back after a year and tell us it is still the system they want. They won’t make it 3 weeks. I was crying to come home after 3 weeks is technically *democratic* Russia. IT SUCKS…THE PEOPLE’S LIVES SUCK….but it’s really great if you’re a Putin or George Soros and don’t care if the people suffer…and the rich get to become MEGA RICH while the poor starve.

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