Kerchner – 1. Challenge to the Secret Service, 2. Ad: Obama’s SSN Fails E-Verify, 3. Trouble in Cook County

By Charles Kerchner
CDR Kerchner’s Blog

A Direct Challenge to the U.S. Secret Service

When is the U.S. Secret Service going to investigate to find out who made and put the forged long form birth certificate PDF document regarding Barack Obama onto the White House servers on 27 April 2011 instead of investigating SSgt Daryn Moran?

After all, the Secret Service has the experts in their organization for investigation of forged items.  They are charged with investigation counterfeiters, are they not?  They have the perfect tools and skilled experts to investigate and find out who was the person who made the forged PDF file long form birth certificate and who placed it on the White House servers on 27 April 2011.

When will they do their duty to protect the putative president Obama from document forgers forging his birth certificate? The evidence of forgery in that PDF document long form birth certificate is obvious and can be reviewed here.

The forger needs to be found and prosecuted. The protection of the putative president Obama demands it.  The Secret Service cannot permit forgers to fabricate documents about the putative president Obama and put those forged documents onto government owned servers.

So it is time the Secret Service investigated and finds that forger and brings him to justice.  Also, when will the Secret Service agents look to their prime directive of their oath of office, to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic? An inquiring American public wishes to know.

UPDATE 1:  Washington Times National Weekly Ad Insertion for This Week’s Issue:


Obama SSN Fails Government’s E-Verify System! …

 “Documents Received Through The Freedom Of Information Act From Cook County Illinois Treasurer’s Office Prove Fraud In Obama ‘Buffer Zone,'”  The Obama Hustle

CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

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