Darrell Issa Perceiving Special Prosecutors Controlled by Corrupt Obama

Darrell Issa: Special Prosecutor Not A Good Idea for Fast and Furious: The Awakening!

Maggie’s Notebook

Rep. Darrell Issa (CA-49, R)

I just heard Congressman Darrell Issa (D-CA) say perhaps a Special Prosecutor is not a good idea, as his committee has already been “stonewalled” by one for a year, on the Fast and Furious case. It’s good to hear a Congressman tell it like it is.

What he was saying is this administration is corrupt and rotten to the core and there is no reason to believe a special investigation or Special Prosecutor will do anything to investigate Attorney General Eric Holder’s lies.

After information was released this week saying Eric Holder knew about Fast and Furious as early as July 2010, despite his testimony in May 2011 that he had only learned of the Operation in the past few weeks, Issa did call for a Special Prosecutor. If that means an Inspector General investigation, we know they are worthless in an administration that seeks and uses lawlessness for it’s end purpose. We saw that when IG Gerald Walpin was “fired” by Obama for exposing AmeriCorp and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson (yes, the NBA player). A president cannot fire an Inspector General, but this president did.

I don’t know the next step – who can “investigate?” Perhaps impeachment for Holder should be the next step.


  1. Enough Is Enough says

    I heard Issa say this on Fox News and I screamed at my TV Set.

    What’s the alternative?


    A military coup to get these treasonous bastards out of office?


    Where do you go and what to you do when it becomes apparent that our entire government is corrupt to it’s very core?

    I am now convinced that it’s time to purge Washington DC.

    I mean clean house top to bottom.

    • Enough is enough, alright. It’s this kind of thing that is causing a few on the “right” to even get out in the streets with the neo-Marxist dupers and goofballs in the “Occupy” set-up (which looks like a very bad idea unless they go to try to proselytize the youth that show up).

    • The DOJ has caught Darrell Issa. He knows a special prosecutor won’t help him get out of it. All he can do now is try to set things up so that he can cry that they are corrupt when they arrest him. Too late. He’s busted. Issa is a sick greedy psycho just like his cartel comrades. He better never get out of prison or there will be a revolution.

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