America’s Slow Turning from Freedomphobia

“It’s a slow learning — from the inside out —
A slow turning — but you come about.”
– John Hiatt, “Slow Turning

In the tradition of the left-wing’s penchant for coining new words (such as “homophobia” and “Islamophobia”), I feel that “we the people” ought to have a word to describe the Progressive’s fear, or phobia, of freedom — “freedomphobia.”  Link  Link

The core fear of Freedomphobes (freephobes) is the dread of taking personal responsibility for anything.   They love the “blame game,” and blame anything and everyone but themselves, for all of their woes — real or imagined.  The more controlled and regulated their environment the better, to their thinking — makes it easier to know who and what to point their finger at.  Freedom scares them.

Freedomphobes mistake licentiousness and chaos for liberty and freedom.  They call indentured servitude to the government a patriotic duty (your duty — not theirs), and they equate their spending your money, with charity and largesse.  The more that their unbridled greed and corruption bother their conscience (those that have one), the more “charitable” they become with your money.

Freedomphobes are by their very nature unpatriotic, not to mention un-American.  They fear freedom, so how could it be otherwise?  They fear America’s greatness, promise, and freedom, hence they seek to tear down and belittle America however, and whenever, they can.

Freephobes hate freedom.  They want to rein it in, trample on it, and destroy it — all while singing its praises with studied hypocrisy (the better to lure the unwary into their freedom-destroying web).  They look down their noses at the “we the people,” while comfortably ensconced in lucrative taxpayer-funded jobs (government), cushy NGOs (foundations), or other intelligentsia approved vocations (e.g. law, media, teaching, etc.).

Freedomphobes come in all stripes and persuasions — both Democrat and Republican.   Unfortunately, much of the Republican ruling-class is as thoroughly freedomphobic as their Democratic counterparts, and must be systematically deloused from our political system as well.  They both want to smother “we the people” under a mountain of rules and regulations, designed to eradicate freedom and replace it with socially engineered servitude.

At this point it is worth spending a moment to address a particular conundrum — I’m speaking of the left-wing “anarchists.”  How can a nanny state loving freedomphobe be against big government?  The answer is, they cannot.  The “anarchists” currently protesting Wall Street are a cynical canard.

Unlike the true anarchists on the extreme right, the left-wing faux-anarchists are not against governments per se; they merely wish to replace limited government with a monolithic nanny state of one sort or another.  Mega-wealthy freephobe parasites such as George Soros fund much of their activities (granted, calling a freephobe a parasite it somewhat redundant — a la “freeloading freephobes,” or if you’ll permit me to run the alliteration into the ground, “frigging freeloading freephobes”).  Link Link Link

Man behind the mask at Marxist "Occupy Wall St." Peter Harris photo, Robyn Gee gallery at

To get back to the core theme of this article, how did freedomphobia take root so perniciously in a freedom loving country like America?  The short answer is, through the stealthy, long-term spread of secularism, political correctness, polymorphous perversity, relativism, and various Marxist/Fascist teachings — aided and abetted by a leftist media, and an American populace that was largely asleep at the wheel.

As far as the “asleep at the wheel” thing goes, I stand guilty as charged.  Like millions of Americans I was blissfully unaware that the federal government had turned into Frankenstein’s monster, and was about to run amok in the village.

It was not until a couple of months into Obama’s term as POTUS that faint alarm bells started going off in the distance — soon to be replaced by a deafening foghorn next to my head — WAKE UP!  Like many of you, I started to research into what was going on, and thought to myself “Holy-moly, things are way worse than I realized” (my thinking comes out grammatically unedited).

“Way worse” indeed — and things rapidly got uglier, and/or my appreciation for how bad things were, rapidly grew.  The unrelenting litany of bad news, shocking discoveries, and disheartening revelations was (is) depressing, to say the least.  But it is what it is, and it is best to know the truth, come what may.

After all, “we the people” need to know what we are up against if we are to have any chance of retaking America from the freedomphobes who have cleverly used their social-engineering ploys to steal our freedoms, one by one.

Any freephobe is ipso facto an enemy of freedom and America.  They are a traitor to their country, and a pox on mankind.  They are financially illiterate, morally stunted, spiritually barren, and shamelessly self-centered and avaricious — and that is some of their less distasteful qualities.

Playtime is over kiddies.  As I hope I made clear in my article “Time to Reboot America,” I consider revolution to be the only viable solution to our current predicament — peaceful if possible, otherwise if not.  Like Jesus in the Temple, we will need to go through Congress like an avenging angel.  The anti-American freedomphobes must be eliminated from our government, churches, courts, and schools.  The New Media outlets of truth must replace the Old Media propaganda outlets, and regressive Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Fascists, and their ilk shown the door (“Don’t let the screen-door hit your butt on the way out”).  Link

The FED and FFB (Federal Financing Bank) must be disciplined, and the unholy collusion between big government and big business squashed.  The players gaming the system by switching back and forth between Wall Street and Washington should start serving time.  The Department of Education, Department of Energy, and EPA should be abolished, or at least greatly reduced in size.  The spurious “science” behind global warming must be exposed for the fraud that it is.  Agenda 21 must be jettisoned post haste.  The insidious spread of FTZs (Foreign Trade Zones) must be stopped, and then dissolved.  Insane radical environmental regulations must be abolished, and real conservation take their place.  And on and on it goes — so much to do and so little time.  Link  Link  Link  Link  Link  Link  Link  Link

Most importantly, “we the people” must see to it that God, the Constitution, and natural law are restored to their proper places of honor in our society and culture.  The days of no accountability, carte blanche morality, and glorified decadence must come to a stop.

To end on a positive note, It has been extremely heartening to see the rapid growth of the New Media (the quality of which keeps improving by leaps and bounds), and the amazing number of ways that freedom-loving patriots (i.e. “we the people”) have found to defend America, and start taking it back.

I am sure that for those who have been awake to America’s peril for decades, the change in direction “we the people” are taking must seem like a molasses-slow turn, but considering that most of us were still asleep three years ago, we have become pretty darn savvy in such a relatively short time.  At long last the tide is turning against the freedomphobes, and back toward the freedom lovers.  Liberty or death!  Really.

Laus Deo.

Born in June of 1951 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jim O’Neill proudly served in the U.S. Navy from 1970-1974 in both UDT-21 (Underwater Demolition Team) and SEAL Team Two. A member of MENSA, he worked as a commercial diver in the waters off Scotland, India, and the United States. In 1998 while attending the University of South Florida as a journalism student, O’Neill won “First Place” in the “Carol Burnett/University of Hawaii AEJMC Research in Journalism Ethics Award.” The annual contest was set up by Carol Burnett with the money she won from successfully suing the National Enquirer for libel. Over the last few years, Jim has regularly written for Canada Free Press and now has a personal blog,

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  1. While Barack Obama became President of the United States it has gone from Freedomphobia ideology to this and believe me, it is scary to think that this is the future:

  2. The Spoiled Kids of America. Oh, how true with Occupy Wall Street protesters!

    Spoiled kids and capitalism:


    “While many Americans still believe that the main source of economic benefits is a combination of work, ingenuity and risk taking, along with simple notions of supply and demand (commonly known as free market principles—once believed extinct until live specimens were recently found in China), Europeans have been taught since about the end of WW II that the government is where all money, jobs and benefits come from. Some of them also reportedly believe government is where babies come from and where people go when they die.”

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