Russia Today Stokes Revolutionary Fires Across America

New Zeal

Just as its KGB controlled forebears did in the Cold War, Kremlin propaganda channel Russia Today stokes class hatred and revolutionary ferment inside “The main enemy,” the USA.

As Americans continue to lose their jobs and homes to the socialist economic policies coming out of Washington, Russia Today and other pro-communist media outlets will do their best to encourage violence and anarchy on the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago…….

They want to see an “American Spring” overturn what’s left of American capitalism. The American education system has given the Russians and their American Marxist allies hundreds of thousands of ‘useful idiots’ prepared to tear down their own country.


  1. Indeed!

    Meanwhile, most Americans are distracted by watching sports events. Bread and circuses!

  2. Undefeated Irish Republican Army says

    Maybe I’m a useful idiot as you say, but Russia Today and to a lesser extent, AJ Network, have some amazing hands on footage and viewpoints one would never see on U.S. The difference in coverage is astounding. One cannot even watch U.S. media coverage of critical events anymore it’s THAT horrible. Of course Russia Today has a slant – they are government funded, but taking that into account one still comes out favoring these foreign networks for their greater accuracy and spread. Hilary Clinton herself admitted the U.S. is losing the propaganda battle.

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