Communists Back Obama’s ‘Jobs Bill’

New Zeal

Sam Webb
, national chair of the Communist Party USA, held a national teleconference with Party members, September 27, “on the fight for jobs.”

The purpose of the call was to boost support across the nation for party “friend” president Barack Obama’s proposed Jobs Bill.

The communists understand that while not as far reaching as other proposals, the president’s plan would still bring a bonanza of money and influence to the party and its allies.

Just as the Communist Party took over and shamelessly milked FDR’s Works Progress Administration in the 1930s, Sam Webb’s crew plan to exploit the various make work and “Green Jobs” boondoggles proposed by Obama.

The following is Webb’s recent article in on the fight for jobs and role of the left.

The American Jobs Act is the leading edge of the jobs struggle. It is the ground on which millions can be drawn into the fight to create jobs and rebuild the nation’s infrastructure.

The AFL-CIO is embracing and promoting it. Others will come on board too as the jobs campaign gathers momentum.

The Jobs Act, introduced by President Obama in a well-crafted and passionate address to a joint session of Congress, is not as far reaching as some other jobs proposals. The plans put forward by the Congressional Black Caucus, Progressive Caucus, AFL-CIO and Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., are more ambitious, and we recognize that they contain more in-depth solutions. But the hard fact is that none of these stand a chance of congressional approval given the current balance of forces in Congress, and in the House in particular.

The president’s proposal does. The various provisions in the act appeal to a broad constituency, including political moderates in both parties.

Even for this plan the going will be tough. The Republicans, while initially making conciliatory noises, are determined not to give the president a positive record to run on. They figure a president with no accomplishments, especially in a period of crisis, will not be returned to office.

Both Sam Webb and Barack Obama are being good Leninists here. The communist influenced Congressional Progressive Caucus, Congressional Black Caucus and Democratic Socialists of America supporter Jan Schakowsky have all put forward “better” but essentially unwinnable proposals.

The communists and the president both understand that it is better to make “moderate” demands and win, than to make more openly socialist demands and lose.

Just like the health care battle, the President and the communists got much of what they wanted, but not all. They were both willing to compromise rather than risk losing everything.

The strategy is simple. Pass what you can. Open the door. Consolidate your gains. Come back for the rest later.

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