Roger Ailes Tells Why Beck & Palin Were Nixed

…ostensibly and at least sort of obliquely, if not subtly


Never mind those pesky globalist neo-Marxists capturing America through state “crony” capitalism and dialectic revolt.

I’ve got a big TV popularity contest to run! Investors have to see the short term return on investment! Who cares about what happens to America in the longer run. Besides, isn’t globalism and its European, Russian, and Chinese -style, state-controlled (a-hem-central-bank) capitalism where we are inevitably going?

Roger Ailes: Beck, Palin Were ‘Branding Issue’

(NEWSER) – Is Fox News going moderate? Not exactly, but Roger Ailes has consciously made a “course correction” from hyper-partisanship back toward the center, sensing that the public has grown weary of the Tea Party, he tells Howard Kurtz of Newsweek. Glenn Beck’s inflammatory rhetoric in particular “became a bit of a branding issue for us,” he says, as did Sarah Palin’s use of her Fox platform to promote herself as a possible GOP savior.


That funny Roger Ailes – classic Reagan (or Bush) adviser. All those Star Trek fans in the money controlled GOP are a knee-slapper. So San Francisco’s really going to be the capital of Utopia Earth?

Chalk up two marks for George Soros, Van Jones, & Co.

I wonder how the Kochs feel about it.

Getty image of Roger Ailes from Newser article


  1. Mr Ailes, just so you know-I no longer consider your FOX news real news. I was an avid reader/listener but I dropped you faster than you could drop those extra pounds you carry! I no longer read nor listen to any lying lame stream media newsources. This MSNBC, MSN, WCCO, KSTP, KARE11, (RED)STAR TRIBUNE, ABC,NBC, all major newspapers or tv stations. ADVERTISERS -I am just one of thousands who have QUIT BUYING THE TRASH PAPERS OR WATCHING THE THE TRASH PUBLIC NEWS. This list also includes PBS and NPR. You will find the CONSUMERS are still in CONTROL. WE DECIDE WHO SURVIVES OR FAILS AS A BUSINESS IN AMERICA.

    • Too bad about Fox. So many think they are getting the truth when they listen to NPR, read NYT etc.

      There is one newspaper I would like to recommend- Investors Business Daily. They have GREAT editorials! Check them out!
      I still read the NY Post- they have good op eds and editorials are often good- (they sometimes have Michelle Malkin)

    • Completes the total takeover and control of all major media by the left. Television, radio and print.
      I do find it interesting how people have bought into it all. Granted if every channel and paper are pounding the viewer with the same message marching in lock step it can be difficult to entertain a different view.
      For those still harping on Hillary’s emails, you may wish to ask the NSA for, under Obama, they would be required and should have all her emails unless they were instructed to delete them.
      Failed represented the last open conservative view. He was swept aside. Soros or someone must have made Murdock one heck of an offer for FOX support.

  2. You have been neutered , I said it awhile back after Beck left. I only watched fox for common sense dialogue. I am just in the habit of leaving the tv on Fox and mostly ignore it going about my daily routine but I guess now Animal Planet will get top billing.
    I find that your fair and balanced is just a bend over. The liberal speakers are really rude. I have my home page now set on drudge. I hate that show called the 5, it is no substitute for Beck. You all neutered Beck even before he left. Money talks and
    You have to make a living with investors , understood.

  3. well, FOX lost me entirely as a viewer,, I am sure their numbers are way down now. If you want to know what is going on, turn to LINK TV and Freespeech TV to learn what these communists have in mind for our nation, from their own mouths.
    Thanks a bunch Ailes for keeping us stupid while the UN gained the power to force global tyranny on us. DO NOT LET FOX TELL YOU WHO TO VOTE FOR!!! THEY gave us Mc[edited]!!!

  4. This is very sad. I used to go to Fox News for an opinion different from the rest of the media. Abandoning the market niche they created so masterfully leaves us all the poorer.

    I have followed Beck to GBTV. The most important development in the last 50 years is the internet. I can inform myself very well without reading a paper or watching a network. Roger and Pinch, face it, your game’s almost over.

  5. Richard Oberlander says

    I switched to FBN, talk radio and Drudge for my news.

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