Juicy Sarah Palin Revelation



Lean in and catch this.

I’ve just heard there is this one guy who is involved in the intimate details of her life — they’ve got a thing for each other — allegedly Jonesing — and she even sleeps with him!  Some dude named “Todd,” I think it is.


  1. all one needs to know about Sarah Palin is that BOTH the Repubs & Demos, Left&Right ARE TERRIFIED OF HER!!…which is why she is the candidate to vote for as the Rs&Ds are nothing more than elite political chess. Soebarkah=Bush=clinton=BushSenior=Romney/Perry=Kerry=ALL-the-fkngsame=Bilderberg=FEDS=GulagBound.

  2. Plain Old American says

    I’ve been opinionated and loud about politics since Hubert Humphrey was running against Nixon. I have NEVER seen so much interest and passion for a losing candidate in all those years. This lady scares the Hell out of the ruling elite, LOL.

  3. She’d clean house on both sides .. they do not want her near their GRAY TRAIN ..They spew hate and that all they have – troopergate (went no where), trig brith (went no where), 25k emails (went no where) – they have nothing…

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