Trevor Loudon’s US Schedule – Support Requested

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I will be spending much of October and November traveling in the United States – researching, meeting contacts, speaking and promoting my soon to be released book “Barack Obama and the Enemies Within.”

Below is a preliminary schedule for those who might wish to catch up with me when I’m in the country. I have several confirmed engagements (specific details to come soon), but more may yet be added.

So far:

  • October 11-13 (approximately) Los Angeles, California
  • October 15 Speaking in Salem, Oregon
  • October 17-18 Speaking in Phoenix, Arizona
  • October 19, Addressing a Tea Party meeting in New Jersey
  • October 22, Speaking at the Northwest Arkansas Freedom Fair, Fayettville, Arkansas
  • October 27, Speaking at the America’s Survival’s “The Soros Files” conference at the National Press Club, Washinton DC
  • October 31 – November 1, Speaking at meetings in Florida
  • November 3-9 (approximately), New York

If you want to meet me, hear me speak or talk to me about the trip, please email me through the contact button above.

A few weeks ago I appealed through this blog for some funding to help with this trip.

I got an excellent response, which covered a big portion of the airfares and some accommodation costs.

I am appealing again now, because the trip has gotten much longer, with extra speaking engagements, involving greater than originally anticipated costs. That’s good news all round and may get even better yet, with more speaking and media engagements.

Part of the trip will also includes the  wrap up  research for another book, which I plan to release early next year. Details later!

If you are able to help in any way, please support my trip through the Contribute button here.

Looking forward to meeting many of you I have corresponded with and doing what I can to educate more Americans on the threats your great country now faces.


  1. Hi Trevor:

    I’d sure be honored to have coffee with you and discuss young Obama ideology if you have time while you are in L.A.

    Regards, John

  2. Hi,

    My name is Trevor Landon and I have somehow accidentally received an email that was probably for Trevor Loudon to my gmail address. I do not have his contact details but I see you are an associate of some form of his.

    I have posted this to a number of his associated blogs, I just hope someone gets this to him in time before its too late for his marriage.



    From: Tracey Loudon
    To: Trevor Loudon

    You come clean with Tammy about what a whore you are too – you tell her how you tried to screw my best friend, had an internet affair which started the week we agreed to have one last effort on our marriage. How you finished it, with the grace I let you have on the three hour goodbye and then you repaid me by continuing contact during our trip to the USA. You come clean for a change instead of clearly telling her I had an affair and then ambiguously saying you are not perfect either. Coward.

    You have 24 hours or I email the cow and set the record straight and you will never have any contact with your children as best as I can thwart it. Threats ? Yes. Damn straight. You completely underestimate how upset I am over this and her continued barrage of insults of someone she knows nothing about apart from what you are telling her. And that is telling me of your complete and utter disloyalty to anything that has been between us in the past. In marriage you betrayed me so many times – I guess a leopard doesn’t change its spots and it really should be no surprise that you continue in separation.

    You cannot fire me if I email her – I never stopped for that reason. I stopped for my dignity but I told you if she didn’t stop that that would be it – she hasn’t stopped – she has escalated so ball is in your court now.

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