Bipolar Barry; Will the Obamunists AttackWatch The Onion?

One eye of AtttackWatch? Someone's 'Eye of Soros,' anyway


The Onion has just leapfrogged the mysterious Ulsterman/Insider reports, to diagnose Barack Obama with an acute and unmanageable bipolar disorder.

Will the Eye of now cast its stink-eye gaze upon The Onion?

If so, how many tears will it shed?




White House Reveals Obama Is Bipolar, Has Entered Depressive Phase


Here is both a diagnosis and treatment for America’s political bipolar disorder, from Gulag Bound:

Pink Floyd - The Wall

Tea Party Striving to Break the Polemic Paradigm of Global Financiers & their Tycoons

September 1, 2011 by Robert F. Beaudine · 4 Comments (Edit)

The Doom of History

The ancient Roman rhetoricians developed rules for their oratory. They began with “the exordium,” an emotional or ethical appeal to put the audience in a receptive mood. The “narratio” followed, a narrative of the events leading to the situation to be discussed and an explanation of their manner of treatment. The main body of their speech delivered the proof of their argument, confirming … read more


  1. Wow.. Report the un-American obama adm. to themselves and watch them go after themselves.

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