‘US Day of Rage, Occupy Wall St., Occupy D.C.’ & False Flag Violence

Reichstag fire, Berlin, 1933

Personally, I have little time to bring this up at the moment, but that I will do. A major update can follow.

I am concerned that, perhaps not today, but somewhere along the lines of this Marxist (and Bankster) concocted protesting, not only will violence ensue and increase, but that the protesters become victims of false flag violence.

This subject matter has been generally discussed and we will link to that, in the update.

Q: What if this orchestrated set of demonstrations is “countered” by violence upon the demonstrators, from some on the “conservative” side, but not that at all, but by hard core, revolutionary Marxists disguising themselves as conservatives?  What if they even choose a false flag name, such as a militia group, or Oathkeepers, or even the Tea Party?

Something to explore and explore we will.

Meanwhile, the protests could take off, or fizzle, or just drag along, somewhere in between.  We’ll see.



  1. If this is ANYTHING like these morons did in the 60’s when they (SDS, Weathermen) planned demonstrations against the war in VietNam by organizing useful idiot students in front of ROTC buildings… they build up the sign carrying crowd with speeches and rallying cries, and then, when everyone least suspects it, they blow up the building in front of the useful idiots leaving them, at first, dumbfounded, then running for their lives as the police descend upon them with teargas, billysticks and handcuffs. The demonstration organizers were gone minutes before the real riot began… and the useful idiots all pay the price.

    These people, including the Commie-in-Charge all want the violence because it will give them excuses for mass arrests and executive orders… Trust me. Those of us who were there in the 60’s can see it all coming again.

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