Day of Rage 9/17/11 – Occupy Wall Street 9/17/11: A Primer

Maggie’s Notebook, 9/14

The Day of Rage will occupy Wall Street on September 17, 2011 – known also as Occupy Wall Street, as well.  While much of what follows I find amusing (and appalling) I don’t disagree with their goals if they are fairly and honestly stated, but I do disagree with the methodology. There is a new awakening to the problems of the Federal Reserve and beyond, and we certainly need to do something about, but a vote at the polls will do far more than this hippy campout.

See an UPDATE here, 9-15-11, making the ties to George Soros, and a quote attributed to Wade Rathke, the co-founder of ACORN and the SEIU.

So I will be interested to see how long the Occupation lasts, a few days or many more, and will want to know if anyone of the Occupiers has worked recently, and I’ll be really disappointed if said Occupiers don’t keep the streets neat and tidy.

Are they anarchists? I don’t know. Will there be violence, I don’t know, but bet there will be. Are there any Marxists or revolutionary Communists in the bunch? Surely. Who else would plan to ‘Occupy’  and name the event ‘Day of Rage,’ after the 1969 Days of Rage? Will terrorists Bill Ayers and wife, Bernardine Dorn bring the subversive passion of the Weather Underground to the event? No surprise if they do. Think Ayers is proud the plan to Occupy is named after the book he spawned (Days of Rage). Oh yeah! Does George Soros have anything to do with this? SEIU? For sure every SEIU worker will be there, and be paid for the time.

Here’s the mission:

Together we can build assemblies of people along every street of lower Manhattan from Wall Street to Washington Heights; and on every street in every town in every state.

US Day of Rage is fighting a war for the soul of our nation, its people. Stand and be counted at 2:00 PM EST on any public sidewalk across America. Post your pictures on Twitter or YouTube with the hashtag #usdor or tag US Day of Rage on Facebook.

As Americans we may bang our head on other matters, but on this we surely agree. In a democracy: progressives; unions; conservatives; tea party; and unaffiliated Americans can govern and work things out. In a kleptocracy, controlled by the banksters, we cannot. We must stop their influence, their motives, and their tricks, from continuing to destroy our democratic republic, and together we can do it.

US Day of Rage ( demands that money be removed from the buying of politicians who feed the Wall Street beast. We demand that the resources of our nation no longer be used to coddle and benefit banksters and their minions. We demand that the US Government diligently reign in the parasitic destruction wreaked by Wall Street. We demand that our nation no longer be held hostage to ‘too big to fail’ banks. We demand that solutions be found that stop the Federal Reserve from stealing our future.

There is training for non-violent civil disobedience, and an Art and Culture meeting tomorrow. Cyclists supporting the Occupation are meeting for “All-Night Mass” at “Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan (by the big tree).”

The good news is, during the Day of Rage we are assured that sleeping on the streets as a part of a ‘symbolic expression’ is allowed on public sidewalks. Contrary to previous plans, the Raged CANNOT pitch a tent. If your group of Occupiers is larger than 20, you need a permit. If you need some legal expertise to figure out what you can do to disrupt Wall Street and Manhattan in general, you might find it here.

You are encouraged to create a ‘People’s Assembly’ with other Occupiers, once you find your spot on the block. NOTE: Days of Rage wants a ‘horizontal organization’ (actually they spell it ‘organisation’ – the European way). A ‘horizontal organization’ does not mean that you lie on the sidewalk, but rather that you have no boss within the assembly. No one is better than you within your Assembly. You don’t have to obey anyone.

All Occupiers within the ‘People’s Assembly,’ should ask themselves: What do we need? and How can we get it? That should just about do it.

Find a map of bathrooms in the City here.  Don’t forget your camera, but give it to another Occupier if you are taken to jail. If you need a crash pad while in the city Occupying, there is a place you can sign up on their website. Calling Michael Moore: your services are needed for a documentary of this historical event.

If you are concerned about going to jail, or are hoping to go to jail, the video below provides guidance. The central issue of going to jail is “solidarity.” Find supporters. Find a ‘police liason,’ and civilian monitors (legal observers) wearing orange or green hats to put police on notice that they are being watched. The Observer-Occupiers might also carry a clipboard.

If you do go to jail, it is “really, really important” to have someone waiting outside the jail when you are released to give you “a hug.” Be aware that you may not have toilet paper, and be aware also that you will need warm clothing while in your cell.

If you long to be free, the Occupiers have a theme song. Hear it/see it in the second video below in a remake of Marlo Thomas’ 1974 Free To Be…You and Me.

If you use Twitter, get all the details at #occupywallstreet, #sept17, #HOA, #WhyWeOccupy and the hashtag for US Days of Rage is #USDOR. Right this minute I see tweets declaring the “revolution” only 3 days away. Twitter is all-a-twitter.

Similar events to Occupy something, somewhere are planned on September 17th for Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle and Portland, and where ever you are, your sidewalk will do as well. Please make a sign.

More excitement, besides the prospect of going to jail, is confirmation that our Nation is on ‘high alert,’ due to the The Day of Rage.

This week we received credible intel that the federal government sent an email to law enforcement agents across the nation notifying them several days ago that our country was on high alert for #Sept17 #occupywallstreet, and mentioning US Day of Rage #usdor.

The federal government erroneously considers the organizers of US Day of Rage as “likely high level Anonymous”, (which I am now, on the advice of family members and friends printing on all my business cards this Halloween).

The email goes on to say that on September 17, law enforcement agents plan to infiltrate the crowd, to take pictures of participants, and to collect information about the organizers of US Day of Rage and #sept17 in order to “classify” them.

So ‘People’s Assemblies’ should be on the watch for ‘infiltrators’ from the FBI or CIA or Homeland SecurityThey will want you to talk, and then your names can be given to AttackWatch. The administration may or may not give you a medal, or an autographed photo of The Won.

Going to Jail in Solidarity (video)

Day of Rage Theme Song: Marlo Thomas’ Free To Be…You and Me (video)

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