Serious Call for Lip Readers: Michelle & Barack Obama 9-11-11 Video

What did she say?

This is out there and speculation abounds. The truth should be told, if possible. Do you know of any expert lip readers?

They should not be hard to find, though I know of none, personally.

Please reply in comments, below, or to And, we would like to follow-up, so please let us know how we may do that with you.

Two close-ups, below.

-AW (not AttackWatch)



  1. Sorry, no professional here, but just for fun/amateur speculation it looks like MO ends her remarks with what looks to be “……flew that flag”

  2. Have to spread the APB further, I guess.
    Hm, maybe there’s a code of silence, for lip readers?

  3. Maggie’s Notebook reports that Glenn Beck has an intern who reads lips and interpreted this comment.

    We can not get any feedback at all from any Gulag Bound readers who also read lips? I’m disappointed.

  4. OK, I’m almost over being disappointed. We’ll have to scour the Internet for any feedback from trained and practiced lip readers.

  5. After studing this some more, I think she is saying “Get ready to salute that flag.” I am not a professional lip reader.

  6. Libertyhound1776 says

    Her lips look to me to be saying, “All this for the damn flag?” And his “highness ” responds with a shaking of his head, yeah, with a smile. LOL. These frauds need to be deposed forthwith. Another 4 years and there will be nothing on this earth remotely resembling the original America.” And with 70% of Americans “asleep”, or slumbering, It will simply become just another byword.

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