Whose Promises are Kept: God’s? Marxism’s? Ours?

“Our salvation is a promise.”

Dr. D. James Kennedy has gone to his Savior, in “a better country,” but Coral Ridge Ministries goes on.  And they are a beacon that belies the false, dualist and humanist maxim of separation of Christianity from politics (or from any other responsibility of each individual).  Their broadcast for today is entitled, “Keeping our Promises.”  How long it will be playable on the ‘net I do not know, but it is, today.

Dr. Kennedy, like so many stand-out Christians of a century soaked by Marxists in their myriad victims’ blood, was unabashed at warning those in his own responsibility zone of the forces of counterfeit belief, set against both God and us.

Were we listening?

If we thought that was “too divisive,” or that it “made waves” too discomforting for church “services” in the “sanctuary,” then the forces of cultural Marxism and of Satan’s very realm were defeating us in our own minds.

The elder began his brief homily by quoting someone who tried very hard to be a good “communitarian,” as the present euphemism is coined, Vladimir Lenin: “Promises are like pie crust; they are made to be broken.”

He concludes by asking us to emulate God by the power singularly given through His only Son, Eternal God who became flesh, our “Truth that transforms” — and to simply keep our promises.

Promises should not be made lightly and it is the commitment and resolute action that counts.  If you know Christ, whether you promise or not, will you commit yourself to oppose the manipulations of imposed, anti-Christ thought control, and instead, to yield all of your life’s responsibilities to Him, imperfect as we may yet be?

And if you are an American, this includes your political involvement as one of the Sovereigns, responsible for our nation’s governance.  Do you commit that, even if some around you are discomforted?  If some are not, that is not a good sign.

If we commit all of our responsibilities to God in Christ, we become true and free expressions of our Lord’s free, personal, and life-giving creativity.

Now, all of that is the real “transformative” and “progressive change.”  And God promises good results, the price already paid on His cross.

Arlen Williams coordinates publishing of the new ‘zine, Gulag Bound and has administrated the blog, Investigating Obama. Prior to this, he was an organizer of electoral action in Illinois and Wisconsin, while maintaining a career in technology sales. Arlen addresses the Marxofascist war for global empire, against authentic America and against freedom and sovereignty worldwide, suggesting overwhelming First Amendment warfare in return.  He asks you to communicate with your neighbors, and to confront 2010’s politicians and candidates with “The Three SOVEREIGNTY NOW Questions.”

He should really get a newer, yet oddly, older looking picture for things like this.  Contact Arlen Williams at AW@GulagBound.com.

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