Palin Transitions, Labor Day in NH, Points to Unity to Defeat Statism: Video of Speech

The tone was noticeably different Monday versus Saturday. Governor Palin assumed a roll much more that of a senior movement leader and less, a rally leader.

With Gov. Palin, though, unlike so many politicians, one may presume  her style was fitted to the substance she felt it important to handle, rather than substance bending to posture and  style.

To present that weighty message, we once again post a speech from this leader of the conservative, Tea Party, constitutionalist (and we would therefore hope, American Sovereignty) movements.

Her major themes blended into a call for unified spirit and effective work, in order to return America to authentism and freedom, over neo-Marxism — my terms, not hers: video, “Palin: Conservatives must unite against Obama

But it is primarily for her words and her leadership that we have often featured Sarah Palin. A real American leader must tell the truth of what real warfare is waged against us and withstanding it with us, point the way to authentic American principles.

Keep pointing, Sarah Palin.


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