Anthony G. Martin: Perhaps It Is Time To Resurrect Joe McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy may have been the wrong man, but he was in the right place at the right time and at least he stepped up. We need to step up now, with no delay. Listen to Anthony’s warning in this YouTube video:

Anthony’s articles can be read on The Conservative Examiner.


  1. Hey guy,

    An article written by you states there is a terrorist training camp located near Talihina Oklahoma. I’m a resident of Talihina and have never come across any kind of camp that you claim exists. I think you owe the citizens of Talihina an explanation of just where you got your information to make such a ludicrous claim.

    Your article scares off people who would otherwise come to this area for recreation and this part of the state relies on recreation dollars to a significant degree.

    You know and I know that you are fear mongering by stating inaccurate, false and misleading statements and I am asking you to remove the claim that such a terrorist training camp exists in the Honobia/Talihina area or we will consider pursuing legal means to force a retraction and personal public apology to the communities in this sector of the state.

    • I use to live in Talihina and the town is surrounded by millions of acres of mountains. The town of Talihina, as you know, is very small with a population of 1500. When they say a terrorist training camp in Talihina, they don’t mean in the town of Talihina itself, but the surrounding area. I think that there very well could be a terrorist training camp down there, due to the vast uninhabited widerness. There have also been boocoos of bigfoot sightings down there. There is no telling what is down there in them mountains.Hell, you might have a freakin bigfoot traing camp down there for all you know.

  2. I don’t recall ever making such a statement in an article, unless it was contained in a quotation or a link to someone else. Can you be specific? Which article contains those words?

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