How Many Reports of Imminent Economic Collapse Would We Like to Have?

Baron Edmond Rothschild, deceased, who brought George Soros extraordinary wealth (search Gulag Bound with those names together)

Have you caught any analyses lately, indicating that America is soon likely to suffer severely from worldwide economic insolvency?

An insolvency fomented by vast, monstrous, and interwoven layers of debt to a very corrupt (nonantisemitic term coming) cabal of superwealthy, extremely manipulative, and one would have to say, evil not very nice, central bankers?

You may find some of these communiqués below, assembled by a truly patriotic Internet activist, John Rolls.

And have you seen warnings that these uberbanksters are working with those they fund…

(Including, but not limited to the oft mentioned George Soros, Maurice Strong, a bevy of Rockefellers, other transnationalist tycoons, agents of controlled opposition within conservative and libertarian circles, and numerous kinds of authoritarians and despots, with a temporary taste for Muslim Brotherhood Islamists, and a very special fondness for structural neo-Marxists and technocracy.)

…in order to foment worldwide human suffering and revolution, for the sake of something very nasty, called global governance?

Or, have you been paying attention to other things?

1) Illusion of Stable Currency Vortex
Jim Willie

2) Goldman Justifies The Need For More QE3, And Even More Record Wall Street Bonuses —“We end this busy day of economic buffoonery”
Tyler Durden

3) Fearing An Even Worse Inflationary Depression Ahead
Bob Chapman

4) Eurobonds V. War
Martin Armstrong

5) Why the Dollar Will Weaken Further”
Martin Feldstein

6) Endgame: When Debt Is Fraud, Debt Forgiveness Is The Last And Only Remedy
Charles Hugh Smith

7) The Monetary Tsunami Is Coming
Frank Shostak

8) Fix the Banks
Greg Hunter

9 The Truth Sets You Free, Resistance Is Futile
Dave Cohen

10) Illusion of Recovery – Part I: Print and pray has officially failed / Illusion of Recovery – Part II: Global panic into gold
Eric Janszen

11) Endgame: When Debt Is Fraud, Debt Forgiveness Is The Last And Only Remedy
Charles Hugh Smith

12) Catastrophic Economic Crunch Will Be Oil Mastitis: Set to Hit USA Just Like 2008
Andrew Butler

13) John Williams Forecasts: “Catastrophe Ahead”
Mac Slavo

14) US In Recession Right Here, Right Now
Mike “Mish” Shedlock

15) 25 Signs That The Financial World Is About To Hit The Big Red Panic Button
Michael Synder

16) Timebomb in Euroland: The Eurozone is Heading for a Crash.
Mike Whitney

17) Maximizing Profits from The Real Golden (& Silver) Bull

18) Is Another Bank Bailout Brewing?
By Kurt Brouwer

19) Nightmare On Pennsylvania Avenue
Jeff Berwick

20) A Monetary Maze From Which There Is No Easy Escape — “What the Federal Reserve has done is deprive you of a sound money system.”
Bob Chapman

21) Pentagon Frets Over Wasted Billions (Ignores Missing Trillions)

22) Forbes: Obama’s Economic Reforms Are The Definition Of Insanity

23) Jim Sinclair Sees an Economic Train Wreck Coming – Slowly but Surely!
Lorimer Wilson

24) The Gold Market
Martin Armstrong

25) Oh, The Pain of The Believer: Barack’s Betrayals Offer Lessons We Can’t Deny
by Danny Schechter


Pick a number between one and twenty-five….

And for just a little relief, John provides:
26) Video Johnny Cashless Sings, “Obama’s Prison Blues”…


Here is a real Johnny Cash number, yet more fitting in our particularly extensive and egregious crisis.


And after the world is eventually given over, for a fleeting time, to such people and the forces behind their evil, here will be the result for the unrepentant.


But, as for the present, we still have the ability to forestall the greater calamity intended to follow economic collapse. It will take a great deal of communication of valid information and a pervasive repentance (which means “turning around”) to both ultimate Truth and temporal truths, in our souls.

Let us be about information and transformation, now, while we may yet be.


  1. AWESOME article Arlen! The evidence is overwhelming. Thanks for bringing this to us and the videos are so applicable!

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