Updated: Super Committee or ‘Gang of 12’ is Unconstitutional, Period!!!!

New Zeal

Prof. Terry Lovell explains the unconstitutionality and basic unsoundness of President Obama’s “Super Committee.”


Gulag Note: While I appreciate the professor’s criticism I have one point of disagreement. This Super Committee is not a committee of the extreme left and the extreme right.  It is a committee of neo-Marxists vs. progressive-influenced, transnational tycoon funded, semi-conservatives of the status quo (not necessarily American authentists).   And as such, it is very fertile grounds for the same old dialectic pull away from authentic, sovereign, and free Americanism, toward more Marxism.

The Super Committee itself, as related in previous articles in Gulag Bound, is similar to the old Politburo, the pre-eminent governing council (“governing council” is called “soviet” in the Russian language) of the Soviet Union. – AW

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