Must See! ‘The Coming is Upon Us’

New Zeal

Extracts from a long doco by Reza Kahlili (pseudonym), author of “A Time to Betray,” a former Iranian Revolutionary Guard member who worked undercover as a CIA agent for several years in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Westerners need to understand that many radical Muslims (including Iran’s leaders) view themselves as resistance fighters against a Masonic/Jewish plot to take over the world. Just as many Christians do, these Muslims believe that we are approaching the “End Times” which will usher in, after much bloodshedding, a new Golden Age.

There is no reasoning with these people. They are in the grip of a deepseated, Messianic vision. They are ordained by Allah to save the world. They are living out the will of Allah, who has promised to send his messenger, the 12th Imam. Death holds no fear for these people. It is something to be joyously embraced.

That is what the West is up against. We must have no illusions if we are to save our civilization

Gulag Note: After the opening page of text, the first 2m:30s of this video may seem pretty tedious and it can be skipped.

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