Obama to Rally Detroit Unions on Labor Day

New Zeal

President Obama will be hobknobbing with socialist labor leaders Richard Trumka and Bob King, in Detroit on Labor Day.

From The Detroit News

President Barack Obama will visit Detroit on Labor Day for the annual celebration of workers, the White House said today.

Obama will be joined by national AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka, United Auto Workers President Bob King, Teamsters President James P. Hoffa and Service Employees International President Mary Kay Henry, officials said.

Because of security concerns, Obama isn’t expected to march in the annual Detroit Labor Day parade, but will address union members afterward…

White House spokesman Josh Earnest confirmed the president’s planned trip…

Hoffa said unions are eager to support Obama, who is to announce a new jobs effort after Labor Day.

“We’re frustrated – like he is frustrated,” Hoffa said, complaining that Republicans in Congress have blocked much of Obama’s agenda.

Hoffa called for more infrastructure spending to get people back to work, and said union members would work to get the “crazies” — identified by Hoffa as some Republicans — voted out of Congress.

The Labor Day rally in Detroit will help Obama “rally his base,” Hoffa said.

Labor unions made Detroit a blighted city.

Obama is rapidly turning the US into a blighted country.

How appropriate that Obama should stand shoulder to shoulder with his fellow lords of destruction.

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