Las Vegas: One-Off or Air Force Raiding Gunshops as Policy?


Raiding Las Vegas

On Friday, August 19th, 2011, Citadel Gun and Safe was raided by numerous agencies and law enforcement.

I visited Citadel Gun and Safe’s site and this is how they describe themselves:

Citadel Gun and Safe for 7 years has provided law enforcement & soldiers quality firearm accessories and security products . We have the largest selection of ammunition and security products, safes, optics, preparedness supplies, and firearm accessories in the state. It is a unique store with something for everyone in every price range. If you need a vault room night, thermal vision or any unusual accessories to make your firearm complete. We will have what you are looking for. With ever changing inventories of camping gear and preparedness supplies. We have items that will bring peace of mind in unsure times.

8 News Now reported the following:

Armored SWAT tanks, officers carrying machine guns, K-9s, the FBI, ATF, and the U.S. Air Force made a grand entrance at the business park on Dean Martin Drive near Flamingo Road.

The Citadel Gun and Safe store was raided as was an empty building behind the store. Unnamed witnesses stated that they saw agents carrying seized firearms, body armor and MREs out of the building, but the investigators claimed there were no weapons or explosives involved in the raid and subsequent arrests. The raid concerned stolen property from Nellis Air Force Base. Numerous items were seized and taken away, but what they are remains a mystery. One would naturally assume since it was a gun store, that guns would be involved, but there is conflicting information on this. The owner, John Call, and others were arrested and a search warrant was executed at Call’s home. The US Attorney’s Office, the FBI and the Air Force Office of Special Investigations seem to be working together on this one.

I love the way that news agencies get people on the scene to speculate when they have no idea what is going on. It acts as propaganda against the people involved and can be very damaging. Everyone arrested was released Saturday, but the rumors and damage to reputations will go on for a long time. I thought someone was innocent till proven guilty in this country? Not according to the press evidently. When you lack facts, go with opinion – puff up your interviews with any filler you can. Facts and truth, meh…

I have seen quite a bit of concern out there that this violates Posse Comitatus, especially since our government seems to be heading in the direction of nullifying it. Since this involves a direct theft from a military base, it makes sense that the Air Force Office of Special Investigations would be involved. They are like NCIS, only for the Air Force. So I don’t believe Posse Comitatus was abused here. Don’t get me wrong, there have been legitimate violations of the law, I just don’t think this is one of them. It appears the Air Force is well within their jurisdiction here as long as the facts hold up.

Having said that, my first impression is overuse of force. Having little to no facts though, I cannot say it was not warranted. The officers and special agents were going into an establishment where the bad guys could have been fully armed and lethal. Thus, SWAT, etc. was used. But there’s always the chance some power hungry poser at ATF figured they’d have a twofer and make a gun store look big, bad and dangerous. Thus furthering the government’s propaganda to smear, diminish and eventually quash the second amendment. But you can’t blame the military for wanting their ‘property’ back – they are claiming this was an inside job and it will carry severe penalties. And no, I don’t know what that means. If I had to guess, I would say someone from Nellis sold stuff to Citadel that they shouldn’t have.

I’m sure Paul Krugman will be bitterly disappointed that aliens from Area 51 have been eliminated as suspects. No doubt, they’ll fake some other emergency involving little green men invoking a green spring and ushering in a global government with Al Gore at the helm. Way to give myself the creeps. For the record, Gore is far scarier than the aliens. Just sayin’… With all the crap going on right now, I wish we were invaded. It would be an improvement.

Check out the graphic from Sultan Knish – epic:


  1. I appreciate the article, but respectfully disagree, that is, if the USAF were directly involved in the raid.

    As I see it, the USAF should have been there only in an advisory capacity and not involved in law enforcement at all.

    Any idea of “tit for tat,” doesn’t hold water, just because the USAF was robbed, any more than I could go raid the place if I were robbed.

    Bottom line: Posse Comitatus must be respected, unless there is a truly military national emergency, or war.

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