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Is this Photo Really Gaddafi Dead? (Update: it isn’t)

(News from Tallulah, Sunday, 8/21, 8:40pm+ CT)

This is the Tweet:

[by the way, we see this oddball is a Venezuelan Chavez fan]

These are locations for the image at the time of this posting:



And this is the photo [now understood to be a fake, but good grab, Tallulah]:


If you have further information, please comment, below.


(AW, 8/21, approx. 10pm CT) This was show us by @Circlecast with qualified support from @murphzero

Feel free to comment below if you have more.  (That makes it easy on us.)

al-Gaddafi is not all-Grinny

(AW, 10:45pm+ CT)  There are other notes saying that Gaddafi is making phone calls to his supporters.  Apparently, his son Saif has given himself up to the insurgency, outside his house.  Many already know that the mainstream, but unofficial word is that he fled the country to Tunisia, earlier on Sunday.

(AW, 7:38am+ CT)  Alright, there seems to be some authoritative information in comments about this photo being fake. [From Bob: see the photo that was shopped, pretty darn authoritative.]  Checking further.  Is the “fled to Tunisia” story accurate?  Let’s see what the mainstream/Marxstream media are saying now and maybe there will be more to add, here.

(AW, 6:56pm+ CT) Now, CNN is reporting that Saif Gaddafi is still floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.  They say he has been seen at a ritzy hotel and says his daddy’s still in Tripoli, too.  Oh yeah, there’s the younger Gaddafi in a video on CNN, smiling, flipping the “peace” sign, and on his countrymen’s shoulders.

Saif (if that is really him) says his whole fam is cooling their heels in Tripoli and that the rebels are being beaten back.

So… where’s Muammar, fer sher?

Then again, was it really Osama, bagged in such an Obama-timely fashion, or a paid stand-in that our SEALs hit?  Maybe the next news is that Gaddafi is being heli-skittered into an (anti-Koranic) “Muslim burial at sea?”



  1. @Yo_apostata says it is a shopped photo and that one can see the interventions. I don’t see them, frankly.

  2. Too bad that picture is photoshopped.

  3. Its photoshopped from an older pic after the bin laden death pics came out, the picture is a reversal of another picture. the Lime green looking thing at the left shoulder is a water gun.

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