Sheriff Joe Arpaio Investigating Barack Obama’s Eligibility as President

An authentic American patriot will recognize “Sheriff Joe” as an authentic American patriot.  A student of current events surrounding him will recognize he is a target of the Obama-Holder-Napolitano, Marxofascist-NWO thugocracy. What a surprise. He is actually being “investigated” and has been sued by said thugs.

And now, Sheriff Arpaio is turning the tables, as WorldNetDaily reports.


Arizona sheriff promises Obama-eligibility probe

Lawman responds to request from local tea-party leaders

Posted: August 18, 2011
9:20 pm Eastern

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Arpaio, Corsi, Surprise Tea Party

From left to right, WND's Jerome Corsi, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Surprise, AZ tea party leaders Julie Wise, Jim Wise & Jeff Lichter

MARICOPA COUNTY, Ariz. – At the request of tea party leaders in Arizona, famed Maricopa County Sheriff has promised to investigate the validity of Barack Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate in a determination of the president’s eligibility for the county’s 2012 election ballot.

Tea party leaders in Surprise, Ariz., met with Arpaio and WND senior reporter Jerome Corsi Thursday morning to express concern that a fake birth certificate would be used to document the president’s eligibility to run in Maricopa County, where Arpaio is the chief law enforcement officer.

Arpaio’s tough crackdown on illegal immigration has made him a national figure.

At a one-hour meeting in Arpaio’s office, the tea party leaders presented the sheriff with a petition that was drafted after a speech by Corsi the previous night. Corsi, author of a best-selling book challenging Obama’s eligibility, “Where’s the Birth Certificate?”, presented evidence from numerous computer-imaging specialists who believe the document presented by the White House April 27 is not authentic.


Sheriff Joe and a Tea Party, Surprise!

We do not know for certain where Obama was born, but as is our want at the Gulag, we issue a reminder to those focusing upon the mysteries of Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate. If it accurately shows Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. is his father, that itself, according to an objective view of the original intent and meaning of the U.S. Constitution and the observance of established precedent, means the little chip off the old block has never, ever been eligible to be President of the United States of America.

And that would mean he is a fictitious president and therefore, one would conclude that everything he has done in office is null and void. Surprise!

Or, what if Frank Marshall Davis is actually Barry’s father? Surprise!

h/t: numerous proud birthers and constitutionalists


  1. From what I understand, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has overstepped his bounds in violating the rights and dignity of prisoners, although those incarcerated could be incarcerated justly, the egregious mistreatment of prisoners has drawn the attention of the authorites. Simply because I feel this way, does not mean that I support all activities and judgments of President Obama in every circumcstance. It is interesting to note that if someone hadn’t called BULLSHIT on the GOP’s attempts to rig voting machines AGAIN and steal the election in 2008, ANOTHER of the “Chain of Abuses” which had continued from the criminal theft of the White House in 2000. the correct and just tally of votes for President Obama would not have registered. If President Obama would be currently acting and governing according to his campaign rhetoric, that is, if the GOP hadn’t DELIBERATELY made it impossible for him to show himself and his presidency to be effective and just and productive, GOP using every manner of chicanery and shenanigans to undermine sincere efforts to solve real problems with rational solutions, this current situation would be less destructive and damaging. This still does not indicate that I support President Obama or would vote for him again given his track record in office, having contradicted his campaign rhetoric through his actions. Sometimes to fully explain a situation one needs to refer to mythology, scripture, film, storytelling, or other means of conveying a scenario. To explain our current political situation, the film that comes to mind is “Blazing Saddles.”

  2. If Frank Marshal Davis, or Malcolm X, was “Obama’s” real father, it would mean:

    1. He is a natural born citozen

    2. Voters were deceived into voting for someone who is not who he says he is. Eiter way, they are.

    I wonder how that would affect his re-election chances?

    • No, it would not mean he is Natural Born Citizen, but it would mean he is a bastard, as neither names are on his birth certificate, if there was ever one anywhere. It would also mean he has lied to the nation, and thus he has lied on every document that has ever signed, including his law license, school applications, and the list is endless.

  3. @Brian”blame BUSH blameBUSH” sorry-the 2008 elections were stolen by the democrat communist socialists. PROOF watch the video A former ACORN employee openly speaks of the fraudulent corruption of the 2008 elections. Which she tried to expose before the actual election. But, NO ONE would listen. And, THANK GOD for Sheriff Arpaio! As far criminals having rights-sorry you lose those rights if you have committed crimes. I don’t care who you are(or think you are). If more sheriff’s were like Joe, we would have less crime. The VICTIMS of the crimes don’t get JUSTICE. Why should criminals be treated well? NO HOSPITAL has any records of Stanley Ann Dunham being in any maternity ward in Hawaii. And, a person of “interest” has records of when she was on PAN AM flight. But, has yet come forward. TOO MANY questions regarding this issue. And, I personally don’t believe anything democrats communists socialists say. They openly lie to serve their ideology.

  4. Sheriff Joe for President!

    If tent citys are good enough for soldiers busting their arses and dying for ungrateful Americans then it is most certainly good enough for low life criminals that have nothing better to do but victimize innocent people.

    Any president that sues one of his own states is a unable to lead effectively. Any president that refuses to attend the D-Day Memorial after every single president before him has is an embarassment.

    Any president that would allow the people to pay more taxes for a medical program the majority has clearly said they don’t want then NOT have to be part of the same program is subject to suspicion and I will be the FIRST in line on election day to vote him out.

    Do you know why I am voting??? Because since coming to this country, paying taxes, becoming a citizen it is my RIGHT and my DUTY and if you ask me for ID at the door I will PROUDLY show it! (Oh, and I press 1 for english, cause that’s just the American thing to do).

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