Obama’s Closest White House Advisor’s Father-in-Law, Former Head of Communist Youth in USA

Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett: Brought Together by Fickle Fate, or Something More?

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Henry Wallace’s Progressive Party of the 1940s was nothing but a tool  the Communist Party USA – and by extension, the Soviet Union.

Today’s Democratic Party is also heavily infiltrated by the now pro-Chinese Communist Party USA and their almost as equally extreme comrades from Democratic Socialists of America.

Here’s an interesting picture from the 1940s. Henry Wallace chatting with Chicago journalist and Progressive Party supporter Vernon Jarrett.

It turns out that around this time, Vernon Jarrett was a leader of the Chicago chapter of American Youth for Democracy – the youth wing of the Communist Party.

Chicago communist journalist Frank Marshall Davis was a national sponsor of American Youth for Democracy, as well as being a Progressive Party supporter.

Both Davis and Jarrett worked on the radical Chicago Defender newspaper and in 1948, both served on the publicity committee of the Citizens’ Committee to Aid Packing-House Workers.



Citizens' Committee to Aid Packing-House Workers letter, April 12, 1948

Later that year, Frank Marshall Davis moved to Hawaii, where he met and mentored a young boy named Barack Obama.

Vernon Jarrett stayed in Chicago, where he became a prominent columnist. Coincidentally he used this column in 2004 to urge black voters to vote in the 2004 Senate primaries for Barack Obama.

Vernon Jarrett, was also the father-in-law of a friend of the Obama family named Valerie Jarrett, who now serves as the president’s most trusted adviser in the White House.


Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett

This program has been underway for a very long time folks.


  1. WOWOWOWOWOWOW…. I knew the association btwn Jarrett & AYERS went back but THIS… WOW.

    Do you have links to old newspaper articles you could post? Can you post sources please?

  2. 1948?
    Quoting the article:

    “Later that year, Frank Marshall Davis moved to Hawaii, where he met and mentored a young boy named Barack Obama”

    Really? I thought Obama wasn’t born until 1961….

    Guess some fact-checking would be in order here…

  3. Your Last Connection To Reality says

    OMG, wait till they figure out Obama is black, and that he once lived near a Palestinian! Get out the tin hats

    Gulag Bound: This entry is left, to show the reader the blinker-eyed gaze and superficiality of those who wish they could discredit.

  4. I am very glad that more & more people are picking up on this information, but consider that it has been available for years now. The Obama Machine didn’t make it easy to find, but with some internet sleuthing, an everyday citizen could go online, do research, and find this & lots of other stuff out. The problem was, no one believed us. Or just thought we were being overly-dramatic and exaggerating. For nefarious reasons, of course. It gives me NO pleasure to say ‘See? I told you there was A LOT wrong with this guy’s “past”.’ Barry’s handlers made it very difficult – and continue to do so – to get at that un-American background of his. If all had been on the up and up, this info would have seen the light of day while there was still time to have it influence the 2008 vote. Would it have? Probably not, but we’ll never know. We should be determined, as a nation, to never allow this type of secrecy regarding our candidates again.

  5. So does that mean if I were to buy diamonds from DeBeers I am a racist? the logic of your assumption is that because a family member was part of a group I would be therefore tainted! Stretching a bit?

    • Hassia,

      There is much, much more than this, about Barack Obama’s family members, mentors, close associates, working partners, staff members, and liaisons. We don’t publish a book for each entry. But, you are very welcome to comb through this site and Trevor’s too.

    • There are a lot of links provided in the article and you need to look further. The writer provides you the information.

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