Days Before Rage: Preemptive Live Blogging the Global Insurrection Game, Tuesday 8/16!

Update: Click to Today’s Post for this day-long Tuesday 8/16 event


Alright here’s what we’re going to do with furhter* information on these Days of Rage events and related connections — any and all the dots.

We’ll be using the same Gulag entry throughout the day tomorrow to enter key items that we are finding and that are being reported to us by fellow resistance agents.   It will be bursty and we will link.

Also, whatever pampered proletariat protesting has already been going on; call it their practice (e.g., San Francisco, St. Louis).

And we will be exploring the ties mentioned in last Wednesday’s 8/10 “Day of Rage…” post, in the TruNews report with Rick Wiles today, and onward.  White House, State Department, Egypt, London, George Soros, Tides, Ruckus Society, on and on.

And we may either do Muslim Brotherhood in the same post or in another, tomorrow or the day after, or very soon.  We’ll see what happens.

No fancy tools, we’ll just be updating the same page.  And we’ll ask you to post information in comments, too.  Or tweet @GulagBound — or Facebook message our page, “We are Gulag Bound” — or send email to

Have any counter-protesting in mind? (Made you hover, didn’t I?)

Call it live blogging at a liveable pace (because it’s not like we all don’t have other things to do, too).

Be there, Serfers.  Aloha.

(And hopefully our servers will stay up, no matter what happens this time.)


* This word is brought to you by Dyslexitype ® – in the new, chewable patch.

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