Know Hegelian NeoMarxism & the Overton Window, a Simple 2.5 Minute Intro

This video is homespun — and excellent in cutting right to the quick, of the mass psyops of  neo-Marxism.  It is also the kernel for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s analysis of the “Overton Window,” duly made (in)famous by Glenn Beck about a year ago.

Video: “Illuminati Media Mind Control – Hegelian Dialectic Explained
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To the mind of the 21st Century revolutionary, as Obama workmate Bill Ayers found out when consulting Communist enforcers overseas, swaying a populace in this fashion seems more feasible than utterly murdering multiple millions of the educated and intellectually aware Citizenry.  (Our friend and hero, Larry Grathwohl, explained that.)  And that is ostensibly why Ayers et. al. wrote Prairie Fire, and joined the ranks of the education and commun(is)ty organizing trades.

Now, the exploration of the many ways this dialectical revolution has been engaged against our sovereignties and freedoms in psyop warfare, that would take many days of study and fill volumes.

And Marxists think themselves clever when they spin book after article about manipulating both enemy and comrade with Hegelian, Marxian dialectic.  Feel free to Web search that, if you like.  It shows how Marxism is a transformational cult, bringing people out of reality and into fallacy — and why compromise with them is defeat.  (Remember Saul Alinsky and the serpent to whom he dedicated his book.)

As for this video’s use of terms such as “New World Order,” and “Illuminati,” I would implore the visitor that these are historic terms about real people and their ambitions for the world.  That is documented and we will have to do a better job of presenting this, online.  Instead of being afraid of those words, let us scrutinize the advent of their use and the events surrounding it all, since.  Let us find out their real significance, separating actuality from stray thoughts and yarns, and perhaps from purposefully propagated disinformation.

Above all, remember, compromise is defeat. Resetting the argument to it’s proper premises gains the victory.

h/t for video:  @Sir_Templar and @Jenevalynne.


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