Real Problems in Rick Perry’s Prayer Meeting


Yielding to the direct, spiritual initiation of God though Jesus Christ is life to me (which more than significantly beats an alternative of eternal extinguishment).  I am a Bible believing Christian, who may be called evangelical and charismatic.  The style of prayer and worship at “The Response” last Saturday, August 6th, is warmly familiar to me, albeit kind of loud, having worshiped with fellowships including the Response-participating International House of Prayer, in Kansas City.

Gov. Rick Perry, Texas

On the other hand, I appreciate Kelleigh Nelson’s assessment, “The Phony Right-Wing, Part 5: James Richard ‘Rick’ Perry” and am it’s Gulag Bound publishing editor.  I even added the video of Perry’s rhetoric, so the reader may see how this transnationalist may come off quite conservative to America’s politically faithful.

I am also somewhat “on my ear” about a governor of Texas following in the footsteps of George W. Bush, making yet grander overtures to people of my faith (and ostensibly, theirs) and then translating the political returns from this into the advancement of a transnational, even globalist agenda.  That, frankly, is an assault upon American Sovereignty and is thus, literally anti-American, whether they and their supporters feel it is or not.

And about the very subjective of my impressions, Rick Perry reminds me a bit of Dennis Quaid when he plays a slippery character in a movie.


I have become Facebook friends with ten individuals who are listed as among the “Honorary Co-Chairs” and “Endorsers” of The Response.  On the Friday before this event, I sent them this Facebook message:

I see you are helping with “The Response,” Saturday. Praying [for] the Holy Spirit brings those involved to pray in His name and to be blessed. There is one more Facebook message I may send you, if you allow, after the event, but I think the time is too close now and the focus must be on the Lord.
In Christ,

From news reporting, I understand that a spokesman for Gov. Perry stated that this prayer event was planned well before (something having to do with his presidential campaign, anyway) and was not intended to be a part of it.  Mere coincidence is the implication.  Yet it occurred exactly one week before the announced – announcement of his presidential candidacy, tomorrow.

One of these genuinely esteemed ministers of the Gospel dropped out of the conversation after this message and then there were nine.  On Monday, following the event, I then send them this missive:

The prayer conference, also Sunday are over. It is a business day now, another kind of sacred charge. May I ask someone here to correct my concerns now, by telling me where and how they are inaccurate?

I viewed this event online and intend to write about what I have found, about “The Response.” I need to do so in the Spirit of I Cor. 13 while understanding the charge of Romans 13, to Sovereign Citizens to carry the sword not in vain. Would you like to respond to my questions and concerns here, to accompany what I write (or tell me if you do not want any answers shared)?

What do you think of Governor Perry calling himself the “Initiator of the Response” on its site? Was that not supposed to be God’s role, or what does “The Response” mean? If it is Gov. Perry’s role in this nationwide event, one must wonder, response to what set of things, at this moment on the calendar and Perry’s agenda in it?

People, even Christians, are psychologically vulnerable during times of deep fervor in meetings of worship. At such times, there is a sharing of personality and identity with message, on numerous levels. It is a time when words, actions, and associations may even have the same effect as Ericksonian suggestion [GB Edit: also called neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) also called conversational hypnosis].

Doug Stringer

Doug Stringer, photo from, “leadership”

What of board member of The Geneva Institute [GB Edit: for Leadership and Public Policy] (for “sustainability” i.e., the globalist Marxism/fascism of Agenda-21, ICLEI, and Maurice Strong [GB Edit: those “sustainable solutions?”]) Doug Stringer at this event?

As I heard, he and other(s) at the event likened Rick Perry to Abraham Lincoln, in his call for nationwide prayer (but after being elected) — and this, just before Perry’s expected announcement for the presidency.

That is how Stinger introduced him in at least one of Perry’s on-stage sessions. (And yet, I believe it was also he, who described Perry as not taking the platform.) One sees Stringer has a Ph.D. in “leadership and human development” and wonders just what he studied.

Also, do you know event leader, David Lane is billed this way: “David Lane educates and energizes pastors to mobilize their congregations to vote their faith. In 2010 he organized pastor meetings in key battleground states resulting in a significant increase in voter turnout.”

Does one not see the meta-messaging in, and network building intrinsic to, this event?

And further, about Gov. Perry, would anyone like to evaluate the facts in this article and its citations, please?

Feel free to share this message with others who took part in any way.

Humbly with you before the courts of Heaven,

Exodus 20:7 – Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. (Vain, i.e., for other, thus empty goals and objectives).

If the Geneva Institute has a definition of such terms as “sustainability,” “hope,” “change,” and “transformational leadership” other than those predominantly used throughout the world (including, tragically, in America now) we would be eager to know.  The goals mentioned of allowing previously oppressed and indigent populations to develop appropriate and what one might otherwise, healthily call “consistent” and “lasting” means of access to “water, food, wellness, income, and education” is generally commendable.  But, as I view their site, in the political and sociological void left open, there is no systematic alternative offered to those established versions of “sustainability” and “transformational leadership” now bringing global and technocratic governance into cities, villages, farms, households, and huts.

I see no mention of such words as “sovereign,” nor “independent,” nor “individual human rights,” nor “individual responsibilities.”  I see no “freedom,” nor “liberty.”  There is the phrase “self-sustainability” referring to “community leaders.” but again, that word “sustainability” is one which which shelters and hides globalist authoritarianism and world-wide empire, a new socioeconomic totalitarianism which does not bring self-sufficiency but dependence and control.

Of the ten, the one with whom I believe have been a Facebook friend the longest is Stephen Broden, a Texan.  I listed him as the first of the message recipients and therefore immediately visible to the others.  I had already mentioned to him that I was concerned about this event by this man, conducted in the way it appeared it was being conducted, and timed in the way it was timed.  Pastor Broden had given me his personal assurance that he was regarding the event separately from regarding Rick Perry politically.

After my second message to the group, he replied again for all recipients to see.  He exhorted me to write about it, referred to the Sovereignty of God over all things involved, and said he would pass it on.

And that is also what I am doing, now.

Research for this article include that of CJ in TX and Tallulah Starr.
For further reading about Agenda 21 sustainability:

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  1. By the way, this does not imply that I question the Christianity of any of those involved with this event, including any I have named. And I am sure there are many great gifts if God embodied in them, which I admire from alongside and beneath. And, of course, the sincere worship and prayer of this event is a sacred affair between the Sovereign Initiator, God and each worshipper.

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