Russia Today on the British Riots

New Zeal

Cute little Russia Today propaganda video on the British riots.

Socialist governments create huge social problems with open immigration and massive welfare spending. Communist agitators then come in to stir up the disaffected victims of socialist policies, resulting in violence and chaos.

Then communist propagandists like Russia Today come in to pour further fuel on the fire and to agitate for defense cuts, ending wars on Russia’s allies, calling for even more welfare etc. All the usual communist themes.

All quite diabolical really.


  1. I subscribe to Russia Today on youtube and you are right. 99% of all their uploads in the last couple weeks have concentrated on London burning.

  2. It seems to me that a major cause of the frustration today is the strong political push for higher education with the unrealistic implication of a guaranteed higher paying job and social status. This is evident everywhere we turn including movies, commercials… … In reality, only a very small percentage of these people will get these jobs, which ends in the frustration of the brainwashed liberal-left youth of today. It has also cheapened that of which a college degree used to be. What we SHOULD do is start a campaign whereas we push for vocational/trade schools, while at the same time completely abolishing the EPA. With the EPA gone, we’ll be able to build factories again here in America as opposed to overseas where the EPA regulations don’t exist. I’m sure the left would immediately accuse me of wanting to harm the environment, but that’s just not the case. The EPA hurts the US, without curbing world pollution, as the factories in China don’t have all the imposed regulations and thus pollute the environment anyway. With the EPA gone, and factories being built here, it will create a massive amount of jobs for the vocational/trade trained Americans, which will reduce unemployment/handouts. People will eventually feel good about themselves, as they will realize they are productive members of society, which will reduce the desire to riot…at least in the realization that their own tax money will have to pay for for the damage caused.

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