How Technocracy is Attempting to Control our Homes

Documented: plans are underway right now to electronically control our homes.  Learn about this outrageous encroachment of our freedoms, while we can still stop it.  This is not about “conservative” or “liberal” politics.  It is about civil rights vs. totalitarianism.

A critical video to watch, alright.  Do learn from the expert research and analysis of Patrick Wood, editor of The August Forecast & Review.

The setting may be an Eagle Forum meeting, but as we saw in a recent video, even left-wing lesbians can be very interested in Popular Sovereignty and rights to privacy and property, as must we all.

Be sure to listen to the infuriating truth that the North American Smart Grid is being implemented right now, according to the Bush administration’s semi-covert, supposedly non-governmental agreement with Mexico and Canada, in the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” (SPP).

And this is to become a part of the Global Smart Grid, as Wood explains — right into our tiny electric cars and home appliances.  Are you using your dryer too much, this month?

A Quick Primer on Technology and Smart Grid

This is a crit­ical video to watch in order to under­stand the his­tory and future of Tech­noc­racy. Smart Grid enables con­trol over energy (water and nat­ural gas, too!) dis­tri­b­u­tion and con­sump­tion, on a local, national and global basis.

Video uploaded July 14, “Technocracy – Patrick Wood

See more at The August Forecast & Review.

He is technically right about technocracy not being the Marxism, nor fascism of the prior century.  But in the collectivism of the Big 21, lines have blurred between prior generations’ strains.  And such intra-authoritarian comradeship naturally occurs on the upswing of revolution, even if the next phase includes pronounced rivalry, as is so often the case.

Is TED the Technocrat of the Class of 2011 inclined to an affinity with Marxim’s class conflict and dialectic societal shifts?  Oh yeah.  Will he be allured to Fascism’s crony capitalism of public-private partnerships under national, ministerial management?  You betcha.  And will America’s sons and daughters of the Russian Revolution or Third Reich be eager to adopt the tenets of technical control?  In goose step.  Social justice through science!

Now, do you want to visit your local Tea Party or 912’er meeting and see if they know about it all?

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