Video: Call Congress, Demand the White House be Investigated for Special Forces Shoot-Down

Tom Trento of United West, Uniting the West to Defeat Sharia Islam

SEAL Team 6 – Investigate the White House


Why did the White House announce details about a secret operation?

Why would the U.S. Government tell the enemy that they killed members of SEAL TEAM 6?

What American strategic or tactical value was served by informing the enemy of their victory?

Why didn’t the White House deny or suppress this catastrophic information?

Video posted 8/8/2011


  1. I posted this video link on my FB page and got a comment that I wrote this reply to: “…you ask several questions that I think were pretty obviously answered in the video, but I will address the last one you asked about what I am referring to when I say “There is an agenda people.” On that point, you seem to understand “Agendas” yourself as you recently posted this statement in a Facebook post regarding our economy: “…Every politician in office has some kind of agenda going in (depending on who donated the most money to their campaign) They are not representing their entire constituency from their district…” I agree 100% with that statement. I believe Obama has an agenda and I believe the part about his trying to get re-elected is clearly stated in this video; OSB’s death was over publicized, the information about Seal Team 6 should NEVER have been released to begin with, AND there was NO need for any information to be leaked out about Seal Team 6 being on that chopper. Looking back to his pre-election 2008 campaigning, Obama clearly stated that he wanted to “fundamentally change” this country; well, look around at what has taken place in the 31 months that he has been president, and the house and senate who have conveniently been controlled by the same party as he is part of until November 2010; how’s that change working out for us? How long before we will be known as the USSA? The middleclass, whom I would consider the taxpayers, is being destroyed. We are becoming homeless, jobless, and dependent upon the government, just like the recipients of welfare programs have been since the program went into place decades ago by another socialistic minded president. You see, one day the taxpayers aren’t going to be around anymore. THEN where will the government get their money? Off the backs of the people whom they have squashed under their thumbs and enslaved who had become so dependent upon the government, they had not other choice but to become free labor for the elites. We are quickly becoming a 2-class society. Our forefathers and all the men and women in uniform who have ever fought, and continue to fight, for the REAL fundamentals of this country as stated in our Declaration of Independence, including my father, didn’t fight for the freedoms of this country for it to turn into what it is today. I see on your info page that you are a registered Democrat, but you state that you vote “for the person”. I’m registered as a Republican, but I, like you, also prefer to vote “for the person.” However, I will take this opportunity to clarify that if I am ever put in a position to vote for a particular party (such as was the case for me in the 2008 Primary Election for the Republican candidate for president; the person I voted for didn’t win), you can rest assured the person I’m voting for will be the one who BEST represents my views. In other words, since I have the right and privilege to vote, I will, without hesitation, vote against someone who doesn’t represent my views. My father, who served this country for 22 years during 2 wars, and President Ronald Reagan (whom I had to pleasure to meet and campaign for) are the main reasons I am a Republican. But I don’t think it’s a party issue anymore…I think it’s a conservative/liberal issue now. I’m a conservative and proud of it; I want the country to be what it used to be, a place I am proud of, a place the rest of world wants to come to for freedom’s sake. What’s the rest of the world think of us now? We are quickly becoming a laughing stock.” THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING, GULAGBOUND!

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