Reid: Joint Committee Must Include Taxes or Trigger will Kick In

I’m scratching my head trying to understand the double speak.  Can you help me?

Reported on Real Clear Politics:

Reid: Joint Committee Must Include Taxes Or Trigger Will Kick In


“We’ve had too much talk the last few days of Republicans as early as this morning, Republican leaders in the Senate saying there will be no revenue. That’s not going to happen. Otherwise, the trigger is going to kick in. The only way we can arrive at a fair arrangement for the American people with this joint committee is to have equal sharing. It’s going to be painful. Each party if they do the right thing, it’s going to be painful for them because to be fair, we have to move forward. There has to be equal spending cuts, there has to be some revenue that matches that,” Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) said on the floor of the Senate right before voting started on the debt deal.


In my family budget, when we cut spending ~ we need less money.  Am I missing something??



  1. Ahh…. Well, I can explain that. They hadn’t passed the bill yet, so he didn’t know what was in it, of course. (I don’t think Harry Reid is the mastermind of the Senate neo-Marxists, do you? Do you, Chuck Schumer?)

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