Super Congress a Universal Uber-Congress? Gun Control and More

A Gun Owners of America Press Release purports the new Super Congress authority will supersede  the mere restriction of existing government programs, or even tax matters.  It can be used to introduce many leftist (neo-Marxist) programs including gun control, according to GOA.

Congress to decide whether Super Congress could impose gun control

Monday, 01 August 2011 12:07

Gun owner registration … bans on semi-automatic firearms … adoption of a UN gun control treaty — all of these issues could very well be decided over the next 24 hours.

Both houses of Congress will be voting on a debt ceiling bill that establishes a legislative committee with TREMENDOUS powers.  Fox News is calling this committee a SUPER CONGRESS, because its legislative proposals (which could include gun control provisions) CANNOT be filibustered or amended in the Senate or House.

To understand what a huge deal this is, consider that House Speaker John Boehner is able to keep a mountain of gun control bills from coming to the floor of the House.  That’s the power of the Speaker.

And in the Senate, we have been able to kill much of the gun control agenda by filibustering legislation (that is, requiring the Majority Leader to get a supermajority or 60 votes in order to pass gun control).

The most recent example of this occurred earlier this year when we defeated a radical, anti-gun judicial nomination (Goodwin Liu) using the filibuster.  The filibuster has been our saving grace in the Senate, but that could be tossed within the next 24 hours.

Regarding the debt ceiling compromise, here’s what one legislative analyst (inside a Republican office on Capitol Hill) had to say:

Right now, we have limited protection from the schemes of the left – even if they have some Republican support, we have a speaker who wouldn’t bring horrible bills to the floor, and we have the Senate filibuster.

Both of these are rendered moot by the Super committee.  There is NO Senate filibuster on the product they report.  The Speaker CANNOT stop a vote in the House….

[Hence], 22 liberal Republicans can join the Congressional Democrats and the President in: Closing the gun show “loophole,” banning semi-automatic weapons, creating a national handgun registration, or ordering state gun laws moot.

A super highway for gun control legislation?  This is incredibly unconstitutional!  We don’t elect a Congress, which can then turn around and elect a SUPER committee.  We need to make sure this never lands on the President’s desk.

ACTION:  Please email and call your Representative and Senators.  Urge them to vote NO on establishing this SUPER CONGRESS with unconstitutional powers.

See Gulag Bound’s tag: Super Congress for more, ongoing.


  1. According to what I have read regarding constitutional design, we have a bicameral congress because a unicameral congress will tend to become much more powerful than the chief executive. Dividing congress into two pieces means that they will not work efficiently together and will give the chief executive a chance to balance them out. The super congress sounds to me a bit like we are moving toward a de facto unicameral congress. Our chief executive has become so much more powerful than our congress that this might be a reasonable move to balance things out again. We just have to make sure that our construction of a super congressional body increases rather than decreases liberty. It should also take a constitutional amendment. Federal executive power has over balanced state and congressional power for a while now. Perhaps the states and the congress can get together and hammer out a super congress amendment that would rebalance things properly. They certainly have the power to do it.

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