The Debt Deal: Multiple Analyses

A sampling of analyses of the ongoing debt debacle, provided by John Rolls.

“Boehner Delays Press Conference Until 3:30PM: Trouble Getting A Majority?” Tyler Durden

“Unless Boehner can convince enough republicans to share his opinion, and we do get a failed vote, it would make the Tarp vote failure pale in comparison with what happens to the market…”

1) UNCLE SAM – DEAD BROKE, Martin Armstrong

2) The Worst Deal in American History? Mike Whitney

3) Who Can Take This Country Seriously? Dave Cohen

4) When a Cut is Not a Cut, Dr. Ron Paul

5) That Which Is Too Fearful To Speak: The Demise of the Consumer Economy, Charles Hugh Smith

6) Even the Tooth Fairy Knows It’s a Depression, Jeff Berwick

7) TH*NK*NG (SELL OUTS): “why this deal is an abomination”… “Boy was that hard to only cut just over one third of what they indeed to keep borrowing. Big whoopee!!!”

9) ‘Drop in the Ocean’ Cuts Mean 2-Notch Downgrade: Strategist Jim Sinclair

10) A Deal Everybody Hates Greg Hunter

11) Does the Deficit Deal Guarantee a Recession? John Rubino

12) Why We Are Totally Finished, Davos Sherman Okst

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