Obama’s Chavez-Style Ploys are not Working

Beaming: Obama & Chavez at Trinidad Summit, 2009, source unknown, possibly AP

If you listened carefully to Barack Obama’s speech last Monday night and if you are familiar with the history of Venezuela under Hugo Chavez, you likely noticed Obama continuing to follow in the footsteps of the Marxist goofball down south.

Gulag Bound has noted more than once, the consultant they have shared: William “Bill” Ayers, violent Weather Underground terrorist and co-author of the neo-Marxist manifesto of community organizing one’s way to power, for the revolution, Prairie Fire.

Alas, it remains off their RADAR for most non-Marxist mainstream pundits to observe anything of the kind.  Aside from this, the commentary of one of the latest Obama-book authors, Peter Ferrara is recommended for its more conventional analytics.  We would just suggest he cut out the self attribution of “cutting edge.”

Well, and looking at his title, when did the prog product of Stanley Ann Dunham, her parents, and Frank Marshall Davis ever have a solid tie to reality?

Okay, but there really are good things in here… (a-hem).

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Peter Ferrara

Peter Ferrara

On The Cutting Edge.


President Obama Is No Longer Tethered To Reality



Jul. 28 2011 – 12:05 pm

US President Barack Obama speaks during a rall...President Barack Obama’s speech to the nation Monday night was highly disturbing.  Because read carefully, it reveals a president wildly divorced from the fundamental realities of the nation he is supposed to be leading.

President Obama actually told America on national television that it is a nation “with a system in which the deck seems stacked against middle class Americans in favor of the wealthiest few.”  It is incomprehensible how a man serving as president of these United States could make such a fundamentally false assertion about his own country.

As I explain in my new book, America’s Ticking Bankruptcy Bomb, before Obama was even elected, official IRS data showed that for 2007 the top 1% of income earners paid more in federal income taxes than the bottom 95% combined.  The top 1% paid 40.4% of all federal income taxes that year, almost twice their share of income.  The middle fifth of income earners, the actual middle class, paid 4.7% of federal income taxes.  Deck stacked against the middle class in favor of the wealthiest few?

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The media are saying that Obama’s approval rating is now at 40%, while it was 43% before his dialectic diatribe, Monday. It may hold there for awhile, but if America is waking up….

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  1. We need to be vigilant and watch the “other hand”, the other hand of our President, Barack Obama. Here is why!


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