Gang of Six Budget Plan Shows Nothing but GOP Stupidity

I must admit that when I first read about the “Gang of Six” budget deal, they made it sound good. But I know better than to believe my own eyes when dealing with seasoned Washington politicians. They are so slippery and deceptive they make snake oil feel like sand. Buried in that deal are at least $1 trillion, yes $trillion, in tax increases – this from the mouths of the Gang-of-Six (GOS) Senators themselves.

How they got maneuvered into supporting such insanity is blunt testimony to the gargantuan, pathetic ineptitude of some of our GOP Senators. They get taken to the woodshed time and again by these Democrat shysters and never learn! Such a tax increase will plunge us still further into depression. And who will get the blame? Those Damned Republicans who “forced” Obama to make compromises.

There is also $1trillion in military cuts. That would be crippling for our military. The left has managed to perpetuate the myth that military spending is the big albatross in government. Military spending is inadequate at present. Consider the multiple deployments, stop-loss (ie refusing to allow people to retire when their time is up), depletion of munitions, spares and supplies that the two small, regional wars have cost. We are running on empty and our small volunteer force is exhausted.

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