Updated, Video: Wikileaks’ Julian Assange Says he Gave White House his Afghan Files Weeks Prior to Releasing


Julian Assange, 2009

One of FreeRepublic.com’s Freepers, reports:

Julian A gave White House Documents 2 Weeks ago. (Per Judge Napolitano breaking)

Fox News | 7-28-2010
Posted on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 2:44:55 PM by Marty62

Judge Napolitano just reported that he has had an interview with Julian A of W@ikileaks. JA told him that he gave the docs to the White House for response two (2) weeks ago. Never receive a response.

White House approved of Security Breach? Who at the WH received the Docs and who else did they give access to the docs?

Clearly, more is expected from Judge Andrew Napolitano on this.  We will be monitoring his Freedom Watch with the Judge site, among other sources.

Update 7/29, 2:56pm CT: This video of yesterday’s interview of Judge Anthony Napolitano by Shepard Smith is featured in Newsbusters.com, along with a transcript.  The judge says Assange told him he gave the information to the White House “weeks before they were released,” not just “two weeks.”

“STUDIO B” HOST SHEPARD SMITH: You just interviewed Julian Assange. Now Julian Assange is the man who is the founder of WikiLeaks – released these, or on his site was released the 92,000 pages of documents that lead to all this discussion about our complete failures in Afghanistan and thoughts that we need to get out of Afghanistan. He told you something that I considered to be a blockbuster bit of news.
NAPOLITANO: And that is that WikiLeaks presented the documents – there were over 100,000 pages of them, to the White House.
SMITH: When?
NAPOLITANO: Weeks before they were released. He wouldn’t give me an exact date.


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