EU Failing on All Fronts

If the latest report by Debkafile is true, then the Libyan war is unofficially over, Obama has made Russia the peacemaker, and NATO has ended its air strikes. A reasonable layperson’s analysis of this report might be this:

The EU has overextended itself politically, economically and militarily.

EU banner vertical1–Politically: It has always been a de facto dictatorship. It was originally touted as a strictly economic scheme and the trusting nations of Europe bought it on that basis. Then, surprise, it started adding massive bureaucratic trappings, mostly of a political nature – a court of justice, a Constitution, a Parliament, a Commission, a ministry of foreign affairs, etc, whose functions went far beyond the economic realm and into the everyday lives of every European. Result: It now looks a lot like an empire, but without the usual sense of nationhood that has typically supported empires in the past.

No one loves the European flag. Yet, oblivious to the fact that people can be controlled indefinitely only if they love their nation or have some traditional loyalties to it, the EU has threatened UK groups who refuse to fly the EU flag on Europe Day.

They have also made and enforced laws favoring the Muslim minority but discriminating against the Christian majority.

Because of its strong-arm tactics and its contempt for the people the EU pretends to rule, euroskeptics are gathering strength everywhere and the popularity of the European central government is on the wane. UK citizens in a recent poll have said they want out. The analogies with the USSR are too numerous to mention.

2–Economically: The EU started pushing for an end to national currencies. For example, it pushed aside the Deutschmark, which if left intact today, would easily outperform the euro. Then it started taking from the rich nations to give to the poor nations. Keen observers knew, for example, that Greece was not really eligible to join ranks with richer nations with a more mature sense of fiscal responsibility. But the motive was not to have peers join together in common cause but rather to redistribute the wealth Marxian style. Most were deceived into believing the “communism is dead” narrative and couldn’t quite grasp that Marx’s wealth redistribution scheme doesn’t have to apply only to individuals or groups within nations. It can — and did — apply on a nation-to-nation level. The EU Comrades gave “to each [nation] according to its need” without concern for the corollary: ”from each according to its ability.” Italy is the latest domino to have fallen in a cascading collapse and there is no one left to bail it out.

3–Militarily: The EU joined forces with the UN and the US to oust stable leaders in the Middle East and replace them with whoever screamed the loudest, destroyed more property and burned more tires. De facto, parading as “democracy” or “freedom,” it was a veritable blood bath for Christians.  The Assyrian Christians were forced to flee Iraq. The Copts are fleeing Egypt. 1000 Christians were slaughtered in the Ivory Coast in an area under UN control. And so on. The last nation they attacked, Libya, resisted, and now they — and their US partners — are out of options.

If he wanted to, the layperson might also point out, as an aside, that the EU is failing on the propaganda front as well.

The EU was the biggest donor to the Climatic Research Centre of the University of East Anglia, which was purportedly charged with compiling and analyzing world climate data over the decades, but de facto, knew that its real job was to prop up the “global warming” narrative to support the policies of the EU and most Western national governments. A group of hackers revealed this real mission to the world.

The latest propaganda effort is a worldwide campaign to foist the EU’s latest scheme to legalize drugs on an unsuspecting world, based on a report originally issued by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, purportedly showing that Portugal’s decriminalization experiment is a “resounding success” in reducing drug use in that country. The EMCDDA is wholly owned and operated by the EU. Like the global warming “research,” this report is also unraveling, thanks to the efforts of a valiant group of Portuguese doctors who have shown that drug use is actually on the increase in their country. (See the last 7 reports at Laigle’s Forum).

On the whole, the sum total of the EU’s efforts has amounted to a stinging defeat on all fronts.

Economically, militarily and politically – not to mention propaganda-wise – the EU looks to be headed for the dust bin of history.

Don HankFrom 1971 to 2009, Don Hank was the owner and operator of a technical translation agency. He has translated professionally from over 20 languages and is the author of Japanese-to-English Technical Translation Manual and French-English Dictionary of Aluminum Manufacturing Terms. Since 2006, he has been the owner/operator of the Christian news and views site Laigle’s Forum ( His straightforward and common-sense articles on politics, economics, science, government and culture have been published in WorldNetDaily, Canada Free Press, Christian Worldview Network, Etherzone, FedUpUSA, Renew America, Desert Conservative and Midia Sem Mascara.

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