Rep. Tom McClintock: Obama Rendering the Constitution Meaningless

“The unprovoked attack on Libya was not authorized by this Congress and it’s accordingly unconstitutional and illegal.”

“If this act is allowed to stand unchallenged, it means that the checks and balances painstakingly built into the Constitution on the supreme question of war and peace have been rendered meaningless.”

“Once we’ve attacked another country without provocation, we have created an agreed belligerent that now has cause to pursue that war, regardless of what the Congress later decides.  That’s why this president is so dangerous.  That’s why the president’s actions are so devastating to our very form of government.  And that’s why we need to speak clearly and unequivocally….”

Video, “Tom McClintock ‘That’s Why This President Is So Dangerous,'” July 7, 2011

Also shown in Noisy Room and New Zeal.

More on the Libyan aggression and the anti-American, UN-ista “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine:

From "War and Emergency Power Act Portal to Dictatorship"



  1. Arlen Williams says

    Now, one could ask why no member of Congress demanded a constitutional process for electing Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., or why none objected and took it to the Supreme Court when it came to the certification of his general election.

    BHO, Jr., subject of the United Kingdom at birth, thus not a “natural born Citizen” in the language of the Framers and thus, not eligible to be “Commander in Chief” — BHO, Jr., “Citizen of the World.”

    Now, John Jay was very forward looking.

    But, five hundred, thirty five people in Congress — how many with vision to see a mile down the road?

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    CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret).

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