Warren Buffett Eyes Archer Daniels Midland, Exelon, and More

always more, malignancy has to grow

He is following in the path of J. P. Morgan, the Rockefellers, Maurice Strong, George Soros, etc., who have used Rothschild money in overwhelming sums to grow America’s cancer of globalist banskster imperialism, with all its Marxofascist mutations and permutations.  Warren Buffett has gotten to be a classic example of tycoon tyranny in process.

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Warren Buffett eyes big bets on big government

Timothy P. Carney, Beltway Confidential

Billionaire super-rich Barack Obama fundraiser Warren Buffett went on Bloomberg TV today and named three companies he’s thinking of buying: Archer Daniels Midland, Exelon, and General Dynamics.


Critical information is succinctly put at the source, including other names that should not be too surprising to see.

Rehearsing the script in the Oval Office? White House photo

Add Obama investor, Buffett with ADM to Soros with Gavilon and what are we getting?

Add the “Emergency Food Act” of 2010 for which so many GOPers voted (should we list them?) and what are we getting?

Add  the new and unconstitutional White House Executive Order #13575 setting up a soviet “Rural Council” structure and what are we getting?

What is the globalist Marxofascist complex getting?

Control of Americans?

Feel free to look up Exelon, the energy company and General Dynamics, the defense contractor (and manufacturer of “corporate jets”).

h/t: ‘Exposing Progressive Corporatism’


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