Constitutionalists Plan for Birther Summit

Paradigm Shifter: Remember, these are some of the people the Department of Homeland Security has been warning certain law enforcement officials about (along with military veterans, pro-lifers, people who show the Gadsden flag, and Sovereign Americans who speak out about our Popular and National Sovereignty).  One of them, Walter Fitzpatrick, has already been jailed on trumped up charges, and only after months, released.  Another, Theresa Cao, has faced prosecution for public demonstration of the kind from which Code Pink and others skate.

These are the people who somehow seem to make Barack Obama nervous, as big money is spent on his eligibility defense, while his astroturfers attempt to ridicule and persecute.  Especially in light of the evidence, of the actual meaning of the Constitution and of birth certificate fraud, it is too bad that conservatives (of what, our Constitution?) such as Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, and Michael Medved, among others, join in with such adversaries of America’s authorized self governance.

Somewhere, this editor has read something about fear of man vs. fear of the God of all truth.

G u l a g    B o u n d


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Contact: Dean C. Haskins
dean@birthersummit.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

A firestorm is brewing as the world is becoming aware that an event is being planned in which the people of America will join en masse to force Washington to take note that we will not be ignored about Barack Obama’s ineligibility to hold the office of president of the United States, the fraud that has been committed to hide that fact, or the stonewalling tactics that have been employed by Congress and the courts for nearly three years.

The Birther Summit’s Operations Team understands the general desire for immediacy in this effort, as that has been everyone’s sentiment since before the faux inauguration in January 2009. However, anyone familiar with the design and implementation of such a large-scale event knows the sheer volume of details that must be planned and implemented for a grand event like this to even hope for success, let alone accomplish its historic mission.

While no specific date has been formally set, we have begun focusing on the month of March, believing that such a date will allow sufficient time to insure a positive outcome.

In light of that, we want to expound our understanding as to the Birther Summit’s place in relation to the entire eligibility movement. We do NOT want the summit to be perceived as a movement in, and of, itself; nor do we believe the upcoming summit should replace any of the numerous actions people across the country are doing daily. Those actions are necessary, and should not stop, or be lessened, in anticipation of the Birther Summit. In fact, they should actually increase as the date for the summit looms ever closer.

The Birther Summit is a tool for us all to use—to remind our public officials that we will remain in their faces over this, and also to pique the curiosity of those who might not currently understand the constitutional crisis that still exists.

The Birther Summit is also a tool to show the unity of our movement—that we are focused on the legal resolution of the crimes that have been committed against our nation. That is the reason behind the merchandise that is being offered, for, with the growing public use of the merchandise, the message we have been trying to make heard can make its way into every facet of American life. While every bit of the proceeds derived from the merchandise will help with the unimaginable expense that will be incurred by the Birther Summit, we only receive a very small percentage of each item’s purchase price. But, every penny will help, as the costs associated with this event will be astronomical.

As the plan and structure of this three-day event become finalized, we will be rolling out increasingly greater marketing efforts throughout the country, and will force our way into the common, everyday language of Americans. We will be lauded, and we will be hated; but, WE WILL BE. We are already receiving messages from across the country from people who want to be a part of this historic event, and as our message is disseminated to even greater numbers of people, knowledge of the upcoming Birther Summit will blanket the land. The Birther Summit website is already largely exceeding the traffic we initially anticipated at this point in our infancy.

The Birther Summit is an event for Americans to force Washington to stop ignoring our demands for redress of grievances, it is a tool for growing numbers of our citizens to understand the serious nature of the crimes that have been committed against our country and our Constitution, it is point of unity for the entire movement, and it is a source of support for the the various actions that are presently being taken by groups and individuals.


If you would like more information about this event, please visit our website often at To schedule an interview with the event’s Executive Director, please email dean@birthersummit.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


  1. I think this is being planned by people who actually want to thwart the birthers. Justice delayed is justice denied…O needs removal NOW, and people shouldn’t grow lazy waiting on this meeting, like they did waiting on 2010 thinking Obamacre would be rolled back. Remember “Remember in November”? Didn’t do a thing for us. To let this go till 2012 is to basically force it into an electoral, rather than annulment, strategy.

  2. While I think there may be meat on this bone – it is too late, and if there is not enough animous after three years, then I think you can determine it is a “False Flag” event.

    They want us distracted, disjointed, and our resources compromised. Don’t bite!

    The bigger issue is HOW have the leftists beaten us from within – when the majority of the country despises them?

    It’s simple, really – they lie, cheat, and steal. Those that have no God, have no morality – therefore feel no compunction to NOT cheat.

    The electoral college was built for JUST such an event. It is a check against the “Mob Rule” of the populations of large states swinging elections.

    Check into George Soros & James Carville’s “Secretary of State” project. There plan is to identiy swing states, get Leftist Democrats elected, and control who the state sends to congress and who their state ends up casting the electoral votes for in Presidential elections.

    For the most RECENT crime against the people – Minnesota’s SoS/Mark Ritchie certified Al Franken for the Senate – even though Franken LOST EVERY RECOUNT.

    But they don’t stop at swinging close elections – they create interpretations of election laws that allow expansion of voter roles – sometime of folks that are dead, or perhaps never existed. They encourage vote buying, like when Micky Mouse voted 114 times in Ohio for 100 cigarettes and a ride to the polls, or the 13 votes for Obama from a family in Houston – except when the address was checked – it was an empty street corner.

    Our country isn’t slipping away – it’s being STOLEN from us. If they can’t manipulate the masses – then they’ll simply steal the election.

    Stop with the red herrings of “birther-ism” dig into the corruption and expose it!

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