Chelsea Clinton Wedding Tents Go Up at Soros’ Daughter’s Astor Courts?

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According to The Hudson Valley News, tents have gone up at Astor Courts in Rhinebeck, New York, the likely location of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding this weekend to financier Mark Mezvinsky of Goldman Sachs.   The newspaper has also filled in questions about where the Clintons will supposedly be staying.

Former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be accommodated at Glenburn, the home built for John Jacob Astor IV, American millionaire  businessman who perished in the sinking of the Titanic.  The mansion is currently the Rhinebeck home of Eric and Andrea Colombel.  Andrea Colombel is the daughter of billionaire financier George Soros, a long-time Clinton supporter.

And oh yeah, the porta-potties are VERY plush and they are costing $15,000. The 500 guests will require six of the semi-trailer sized luxury latrines.  I assume there will be no standing in line.

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  1. Wow, it’s true. Cheslea was married in a Soro’s mansion

  2. one big happy crime family!!!

  3. the media has been held by the throat for so long….connections that prove ‘birds of a feather’ and all of this is kept so secret that unless you dig way down you never find out the truth and then you want to vomit.

    • Very apt. It’s all a machine, from globalist bank through the George Soroses and Maurice Strongs, through Antifa and radical Muslims through “progressive” education, media, and politicians, etc….

  4. thussaiththewalrus says

    The implication cannot be denied; George Soros was only a small player with Obama, he was going to come into his own with Hillary. Soros has groused that “Hillary cost him 16 billion dollars.” I have no idea what he had planned, or what she was going to do for him, that was going to be worth 16 billion! (From the US taxpayers no doubt.) George Soros HATES America and Americans; he only lives here for the pure luxury, convenience, freedom, and SAFETY he enjoys!

    It was not an accident that Bill and Hillary spent these “wedding days” (the only they would ever have) at the home of George Soros’ daughter and son-in-law; the message was that the Clintons are “family” with the Soros’ family. (Not so much anymore, but that was then and they all had big plans on what they were going to do this government and the poor beleaguered taxpayers who support all of these leeches.)

    Thanks to enough Americans “waking up” and voting to save their country, we have also been rescued from the UNSPEAKABLY HORRIBLE “Paris Accords.” [A very fanciful name for a very evil agreement.] If that unholy alliance had been put into effect, the American taxpayers (not the citizens since over half don’t pay taxes) would have become ECONOMIC SLAVES to China, India, Brazil, the global markets, and the global leaders!

    Please, people NEVER fall for something this awful ever again! NEVER again vote for a president who will do such an evil deed to his people and “sell them” to the world as economic slaves; having to subsidize ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD who refuse to work. We wouldn’t have a nickel to call our own if further “agreements” like this are put in place.

  5. I wonder how much it cost to put up a tent for 500 people with that gorgeours portable toilet. It could have cost a lot! Great set up though! I wouldn’t mind splurging in this kind of luxury if I had the money for it

  6. charles killebrew says

    I can’t believe that Trump is still alive; he has cost so many people so much $$$$$$!!
    Starting with the Clintons, followed by Obama, America has been sold down the river.
    If Hillary had won we would all be slaves to the rest of the world.
    The Deep State is still trying to unseat Trump at every turn. DNC now suing EVERYONE ‘
    connected to Trumps campaign. Copying the lawsuit filed against the Republicans/Nixon
    in the Watergate scandal.
    FBI DOJ NSA IRS…….all corrupt. It will take some huge efforts to unravel all the problems
    these organizations have caused (all in the name of getting Hillary elected).
    Stay save Trump! MAGA!!!!!!

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