How Marxofascism is Being Systematically Implemented in American Neighborhoods

Also called…

  • Millennium Goals
  • Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Sustainable Climates
  • Local Governments for Sustainability
  • Sustainable [whatever else]
  • Smart Growth
  • Livable Communities
  • Livable Cities
  • Resilient Cities
  • Greenhouse Gas Prevention
  • Going Green
  • Green [whatever]
  • Biodiversity
  • [Something Something] Climate Change
  • Triple Bottom Line Finance
  • Communitarianism [more convenient than Marx & Engles’ C-word]
  • Responsible Planning
  • Responsible Redevelopment
  • Effective Environmental Protection
  • Rio Accords
  • New World Order [yes, they use that term]
  • Global Governance [yes, that one too]
  • the list can be longer, but you get the picture

Listen to Rosa Koire, San Francisco liberal, lesbian, and civil libertarian, reveal the conspiracy fact and evidence, as we become Gulag America. Her organization is Democrats Against Agenda 21.

If you wish to read about it too, the Agenda 21 tag lists the articles and entries of the Bound.

h//t: Mimi Steel, @912calgal

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