Agenda 21 – Ending Liberty in America

By: AJ


Long Island City Housing Projects

The picture above represents the kind of structure we’ll soon be herded into – you, me, our families – everyone in America. Well… everyone except the powerful politicians and elites who are working to corral us into these government housing tenements. The streets will be replaced with trains and the cars will be gone.

Unbelievable you say? You think it’ll never happen? The planning is going on right now in your community and in every region throughout the United States. This is Agenda 21. This is what they mean by Sustainable Development, Smart Growth, ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives), etc. It’s already embedded into the general plan of every community. The transformation will be complete within 25 years and it’s funded with our tax dollars and funds from George Soros and Van Jones’ radical left organizations like OSI, the Tides Foundation, Apollo Alliance and Green For All.

This video contains a graphic simulation which reaffirms that Agenda 21 will change the way we live:

Masdar Initiative – Worlds First 100% Carbon Free Community AMAZING!

Notice during the Masdar presentation, the narrator uses statements like “a compact, high density city” (i.e. people packed tightly together), “the unique design of its walled city” and “one day, all cities will be built like this.” Don’t be fooled by the slick computer graphics; we know the government won’t be building slick futuristic cities for us. But they will be packing us in tightly and cutting off our ability to travel beyond the confines of our new tenements. They’re telling us exactly what they have planned for us.

The United Nation’s (UN) Agenda 21 publication is meant to be complex so that it will be difficult to wrap our brains around its contents to envision how it will affect us. They want it to be hard for us to communicate it to others so that we can’t work together to stop it. Many people unfortunately focus on the “global warming” and environmental aspects of the plan to the point of creating a mental barrier that prevents them from truly understanding where Agenda 21 is taking us in our everyday lives.

Many people don’t realize that 77 – 84% of us live on just 3% of America’s land area. Only 16% of us live in rural areas. 95% of America’s land is rural and there are vast areas that are underdeveloped.

Agenda 21 is not a Republican or Democrat issue; it is a Progressive Marxist globalist plan from the UN that’s supported by the global elites – some of whom we know (George H.W. Bush and other Progressive Republicans, Barack Obama, Hillary & Bill Clinton, Al Gore, George Soros, Maurice Strong, Van Jones, Richard Trumka, Andy Stern, etc.)

Agenda 21 is supported by past and current Presidents and the long-time “establishment” politicians in Washington D.C.; it’s being implemented by our state and local governments and city councils, some of whom are blindly following orders without knowing where all this is really leading. When Progressives hear us talking about Agenda 21, they ridicule us in an attempt to get us to shut up and sit down. The evidence is available and the UN promotes it openly, but Progressives won’t talk about that part.

You might be thinking Agenda 21 is too complex and there’s no way it’ll be fully implemented. Not so. It’s already being implemented and my goal is to provide information which shows some of the ways they’re getting us there. To describe how this works, it is presented below in the form of seven questions and answers.

First question: How will they get us to buy into such a radical transformation of our way of life? How will they get us into these government housing tenements?

Answer: Social Justice. They’re already infiltrating our churches and indoctrinating our youth so that their agenda will have momentum with easily influenced and impressionable kids and adults. We’re well aware that Progressives have been pushing the Social Justice mantra and making it sound altruistic, but what does Social Justice really mean and what does it look like? They won’t tell us, but Al Sharpton told his congregation. Listen closely and really think about what he’s saying. “The dream was to make everything equal in everybody’s house.”

Al Sharpton: We Won’t Have True Social Justice Until Everything is Equal in Everybody’s House

So you see… herding us into government tenements equalizes everyone’s “social class” by making everything equal in everybody’s house. Social Justice is achieved when your home is just like mine and everyone else’s. It doesn’t mean we’ll all have a nice home; it means we’ll all be stacked and packed into homes that are the same – “equal.” Van Jones describes the social equalization of Social Justice too.


Van Jones ~ Definition of Social Justice

Another mantra is Global Citizen. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? The sheeple who are buying into this will have a rude awakening when global governance is instituted and they experience what it’s like living in third world conditions, losing all freedom and becoming enslaved under an international totalitarian regime.

For the past 2 years we’ve heard Progressive politicians tell us that a home, a job, food and healthcare are “rights.” If they can establish those things as “rights” granted by the government, they will have the power to tell us what home, what job, what and how much food and what healthcare we’re entitled to receive. History shows that totalitarian regimes already did this and it led to the murder and starvation of 135 million innocents, but public schools won’t teach this to our children. Nor will they teach them that our U.S. Constitution gives us inalienable rights granted by our Creator so that no man, no government, can ever take them away from us. That’s why Progressives have to change our Constitution.

Second question: What about our right to own property? They cannot take private property from its rightful owner, can they?

Answer: Yes, they can and they are. Laws and Executive Orders have been enacted and many people are already losing their property through eminent domain, greenlining and oppressive environmental regulations which make it cost prohibitive for them to comply or legally fight it in the courts. The relative few who are able to fight and win are throwing a monkey wrench into Agenda 21, but until Progressives can eliminate our property rights altogether, they’ll keep tightening the noose.

Again, we’ve noticed all the recent talk about our Constitution being outdated and in need of a re-write. Notice that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, owned by our Federal Government, are accumulating nearly all home mortgages and foreclosures in America. Our government has over 3,000 public housing agencies in the U.S. and Fannie and Freddie already instituted a ‘Deed to Lease’ program whereby homeowners turn their deed over to the government and rent their property from the government. Slowly but surely, they’re already taking possession of private property. And under Obama, they’ve been buying up land at break-neck speed.

Obama just enacted EO 13575, bringing the full weight and power of the entire Federal Government to bear as they begin to tighten the squeeze on 16% of our population who live in rural America. Why? They need to vacate those people so that they can take over all rural areas in America.

Third question: If a person doesn’t have a mortgage because they paid off their house/land, won’t they be safe?

Answer: The goal of our government is to make it cost prohibitive for you to hold onto your land. Whether they fight you through eminent domain, skyrocketing property taxes or regulations that are too costly for you to comply with, they will do whatever is necessary to exhaust your financial resources so that you’re left with no choice but to eventually walk away from your property.

Another tactic at their disposal is a “man-caused disaster.” That’s right. They could flood your land in order to displace you and then swoop in and offer you pennies on the dollar to take it off your hands. Hey, wait a minute… they’re already doing that. Yes, George Soros is already buying up the farm land that the government flooded when they exploded the dams in our heartland. Slowly but surely and through whatever means necessary, they will continue to make progress in acquiring the vast majority of all land in America – of which they already own at least 40%.

Fourth question: You mention food, healthcare and a job for everyone; isn’t that a good thing?

Answer: In short, food and healthcare will be rationed; you’ll receive only what they allow you to have. Your job will be what they tell you your job is.

For example, have you wondered why Michelle Obama has made it her mission to change the way we think about food despite the fact that so many of our daughter’s suffer from eating disorders because they won’t eat? She’s preparing us for food rationing by nudging us away from the foods we may enjoy most, while at the same time using the full weight (pardon the pun) of the White House to strong-arm those who sell food into limiting our choices. Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on salt fits nicely into their plan to recondition us. And wasn’t it Michelle Obama who said, “We are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversations; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history.” Separately, these things don’t seem like much, but when you know the agenda that’s at work, you’re able to see how these things fit into the overall plan.


Exclusive footage: Police raid organic food stores

Healthcare rationing has been taken care of with Obamacare and the 15-member panel of bureaucrats who will decide what care we will and won’t receive. And it’s no accident that Obamacare also cuts half a trillion from Medicare, enabling the start of rationing for our elderly in 2014.

Jobs will be assigned by the government and many of us will work to provide the food, healthcare and maintenance of the tenements that’s needed to sustain ourselves and those in our city. I’m sure we won’t be doing these jobs to earn a paycheck. We’ll do them in exchange for the food, home and healthcare they permit us to have. If we object, they’ll withhold those things from us and our family until we no longer object.

Fifth question: That’s slavery. How can they possibly keep us under control and prevent us from protesting?

Answer: Why would our President need a national civilian security force? To keep us under control. If this seems unbelievable, ask yourself: “Why did Obama say this?” He said it, not us.

Obama Civilian Security

Sixth question: If they get us into these tenement cities and keep us there, what will they be doing?

Answer: Here’s my guess… all my research and the use of good common sense tells me that they’ll be harvesting the bounty of natural resources that exist in abundance right here in America. Oil, natural gas, water, you name it. Using workers from other countries, they’ll be extracting our natural resources and selling them to the highest bidder on the international market. They’re already establishing Foreign Trade Zones, selling off our land to China and Russia, and granting citizenship through the EB-5 visa program so their laborers can work in our country.

Meanwhile, we’re aware that Obama’s working to collapse our economy, de-industrialize our country, and weaken our military and civilian defenses. Those are certainly essential components to achieving the goals and objectives of Agenda 21. Bring Americans to their knees and they’ll cry out to government for help. We already know the framework they’re putting in place, so they’ll usher the rest of us right into it.

There are other important aspects like monitoring our communication, rationing our energy usage, education, and population control that I haven’t yet touched on, but my goal in this article is to enable you to envision what their plan is and how they’re getting us there through things they’re already doing. Please do your own research; you’ll see that these things are truly happening and, as Progressives do, they make it available for us to see if we choose to look. Agenda 21 isn’t a theory and it’s not a conspiracy; it’s out in the open and being put in place. Item 2 below even shows you the kind of dog and pony show they put on in communities to get your buy in… so they can say the people in the community agreed.

Seventh question: What can we do to stop this?

Answer: Learn as much as you can, get involved locally and tell your neighbors.

1. Go to this website to learn more; some communities have been successful in stopping it locally. Many, many more are needed:

2. Watch this video which shows how people respectfully thwarted the “buy in” that their community Agenda 21 program was seeking from them: ONE BAY AREA: “AGENDA 21”, the UN’s diabolical plan comes to the San Francisco Bay Area

3. Watch this presentation to learn more; environmental issues are addressed that provide good information. Keep the Agenda 21 end-game in mind as you watch it in order to use the information in the most helpful way to communicate with others. Taking Liberty

4. Watch this video of a liberal Democrat who is speaking out and working hard to stop Agenda 21: How your community is implementing AGENDA 21

5. Ask every presidential candidate whether they will stop Agenda 21. We need an answer from all of them. (Michele Bachmann is the only candidate who stated that she will stop Agenda 21).

6. Get involved locally and run for office if you can. Educate the people in your local government so they can help stop this.

7. Spread the word about Agenda 21 and organize within your community.


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  1. Great post! Just recently did a post on Agenda 21. Updated it with link to this post.

  2. And when your crystal in the palm of your hand blinks red, carousel.

  3. I’m pro Agenda 21. America’s best time is over. Bankrupt due to their own hunger for war. Wars have tripled since America was founded.

    While other countries use mostly diplomacy, America’s answer to everything is war.
    Vietnam, Irak, Afghanistan, you name it.

    The world will be much better off without a free America in my opinion.

    • What kind of drug are you taking? Well….since you won’t need most of your money when Agenda 21 is implemented…..can I have it? LOL

      • So a dictator is destroying his people, raping them, killing them, being all paranoid about their activities… so how do you stop that kind of stuff? War. There’s a LOT of that stuff going on in the world and the only way to stop people like that is to go to war with them. Negotiating with psychopaths like them WON’T work.

        So about the comment “America’s answer to everything is war….” I say this: Then what the hell are you gonna do about dictators? Negotiate with them? Try going to high school and negotiating with bullies there. If you have a hard time with THEM, just think about how hard it will be with someone many many more times as nasty, with lots more power and influence and an army to back them up.

  4. What people do not realize is that they are already raising up Global Citizens in American schools using the IB Programme to do it. You can read the IB site at and then hop on over to read the truth at .

    Keep in mind the IB Programme is already in American PUBLIC schools. This is the very reason I am home schooling this fall.

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