Federal Complaint Filed Against Russia Today!

New Zeal

America’s Survival, Inc. has filed a complaint over Russia Today Television network (RTTV) with the U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The complaint states that RTTV provided air time for one of its employees, Adam Kokesh, to promote and raise funds for a 2012 American presidential candidate, Rep. Ron Paul, in apparent violation of the ban on political contributions and expenditures by foreign nationals.

The apparent purpose of this electioneering by a foreign corporation based in Russia is to divide and weaken the Republican Party as it enters the 2012 presidential election season, thus making it more likely that President Barack Obama and his political party will succeed.


I love Ron Paul’s economic views, but he must start distancing himself from the likes of paid Russian agent Adam Kokesh.


  1. Russian agent Adam Kokesh? Nonsense!

    And why would you make such a ridiculous statement? Because it’s RUSSIA Today and not America Today? Please point me in the direction where I can find some evidence. You can’t.

  2. No funds were raised through RT. Not sure where this America’s Survival, Inc get their info from.

    Adam Kokesh is NOT a Russian agent either. He is on RT because none of the PSM (Propaganda Stream Media) in the US would be able to handle the TRUTH and hie him.

    Ron Paul is NOT connected to Adam Kokesh or anybody for that matter. We the People support Ron Paul and we come from ALL WALKS OF LIFE and not just from 1 single party.

    By the way, RT can announce that Ron Paul is having a Money Bomb just as much as any PSM “news” station can and it does NOT violate any FEC regulations.

    Ron Paul 2012


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